‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’ dies after famous buttock surgery

The woman living in Newport Beach, California, died on Monday, 7 December, but the news of her death was only brought out yesterday. An hour and a half of service were then broadcast on YouTube, most likely registering the funeral ceremony. The video was ushered in with the text ‘Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday 14 March 1990. She started eternal life on Monday 7 December 2020’.

Joselyn Cano
©Instagram – Joselyn Cano

According to sources, the 30-year-old Cano – a model and an influencer and fashion designer – traveled to Colombia at the beginning of December to have plastic surgery done there. She did so after the same procedure was rejected in the United States. She was admitted to a clinic in Medellín, where the operation would be relatively inexpensive.


Brazilian buttock lift

It is said to be the Brazilian buttock lift, a notorious operation in which the surgeon transfers the patient’s fat to the buttocks to create a rounder, fuller back. The treatment is not uncontroversial: concern has been expressed more than once in the medical world regarding whether such procedures are safe.

The death of the Mexican star has been met with astonishment within the modeling community. “OMG, Joselyn died following an operation in Colombia. That’s really crazy,” writes Lira Mercer, a model with four million followers on Instagram. Fellow Influencer Daniella Chevez adds: “I loved talking to this woman. She was absolutely breathtaking. A queen of social media.”



Sad though it is, it is not the first time that someone has died from the effects of a Brazilian buttock lift. In November last year, two German women died as a result of the procedure. The attending physician was sued for this last month.

According to the prosecutor, he is accused of inflicting bodily injury through negligence resulting in death. The prosecutor bases his case on expert advice and concludes that the surgeon is guilty of multiple errors. Patients are also said not to have been adequately informed about the risks of the procedure.

1 in 3,000

Globally, one buttock enlargement in 1 in 3,000 cases is fatal, according to international research last year. In recent years, stories have come out about deaths in Brazil, Germany, and Turkey.

Butterfly magnification has become increasingly popular, thanks in part to stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. If the injected fat is injected too deeply, there is a danger that the substance could end up in the veins, experts warned earlier.

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