Reasons for jealousy of an ex

Surely your man doesn’t like to discuss his ex-girlfriend with you. This kind of unspoken rule is best followed so that the conversation does not end in a scandal. But after all, women are so curious about what she was like, how she dressed, how she treated her chosen one, how beautiful she is, and, finally, why your lover broke up with her.

What does talking about exes lead to? Often, girls begin to compare themselves with their former partner and lose confidence in the man. Why does it happen? We will tell you about this today.

So let’s find out where jealousy comes from.

Your man remembers his ex-girlfriend all the time

It will be unpleasant for any lady if her partner always remembers his former beloved. If you often hear phrases from him like “Tina loved ice cream”, “But Tina cooked pasta tastier,” “Tina has long hair, maybe you shouldn’t get a haircut?”, Then you soon begin to feel awkward. It seems to you that someone else has appeared in your relationship with your beloved man.

Why is the young man behaving this way? Perhaps he is still reminiscing about an old relationship, or he is simply manipulating you in an attempt to create jealousy in this way. In both c ases, you need to talk frankly with him and find out everything

. Don’t let yourself be treated like that.

Your partner is friends with a former lover

It happens that a man and a woman after a breakup remain good friends. Do not worry about this in vain. It is possible that people realized that their paths diverged at one fine moment and decided to leave peacefully, maintaining good relations.

Don’t panic when your man is talking to his old lover, but be on the lookout if you find out that the young man has some secrets with his ex-girlfriend.

You compete with your ex all the time

It happens that it is vitally important for a woman to constantly compete with someone to prove to everyone around, including herself, that she is the best.

Sometimes a lady chooses the ex-lover of her man as an object for “competition.” And this is already a real problem, which most likely arose in childhood, when you had to win parents’ attention, trying to be a good girl, who is better than others in everything. In such a situation, it is best to consult a psychologist.

You are not sure that he is your first and last love

And that’s why you are acting pretty stupid. The fear of losing your partner torments you. Remember that love until the grave is, of course, great, but still, the separation of two people who understand that they do not fit together is also normal.

It is much better to break up with a man if union with him does not bring joy than to continue tormenting next to him.

You think you are a man’s “fallback”

Indeed it’s a matter of your complexes. You are not confident in yourself, in your strengths, and your attractiveness. It always seems that you are just a “temporary partner” with a man, and he will soon leave you.

Obsessive thoughts appear in my head that no one can love you because there is nothing for that, and the partner is next to you only because other, more attractive girls refused him.

This reasoning is wrong! It would help if you did not look for shortcomings in yourself, but it is high time to think about the advantages. In the end, the man chose you, and not some other girl. So there is something that he likes.

Think about your positives and what traits in your character might attract other people. Better yet, write down all your strengths on a piece of paper and reread them often to remind yourself how good you are!

However, the memories of your man’s ex-girlfriend usually do not lead to anything good. And why should you think about it? He is with you now! Get rid of silly thoughts and learn to enjoy life.

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