Six things you should have invested in before you turn 35

By the age of 35, you probably want to be settled. That is one of the goals you have set for yourself. However, it would help if you got your affairs in order before you can achieve this. This is especially true for your financial matters.

To prepare you for this, AFRINIK brings you a list of six things you should have invested in before you turn 35. You have to do it for your kids in the end. Start investing in the following:

Invest or set aside at least 10% of your income

When you retire, you naturally want to enjoy life and celebrate that you no longer have to work. So put money aside in an investment account so that you don’t have to live on a meagre pension benefit. This way, you have extra cash, and you can enjoy life with your children and (possible) grandchildren.

Set investment goals and set your money aside for big purchases

It would help if you determined these goals for yourself. You select your future, kids, family vacations and maybe a student loan. That is why it is better to get there early and start investing. You don’t want to run behind the facts.

Buy a house

You want your youngster to grow up in a lovely environment. It all starts with a nice home, especially for your (future) children. So please lay aside your money and invest it in a house.

Set aside money for your children’s education

Nowadays, it costs a fortune to study. That is why it is better to set aside money early in advance for your children’s education. Ultimately, you do not want your children to be unable to study or end up with a student loan. Invest in this.

Talk to your partner about investing and other money matters

Talk to your partner about money matters. Control what is yours and what is hers. This is in case things don’t go smoothly between you two.

Invest in yourself

The wealthiest and most successful people have constantly been developing themselves. However, just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you know everything. Educate yourself by reading, taking a course or attend work-related events. This way, you can always think of new challenges. Maybe a higher position and an excellent salary.

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