Sweet Britney Spears spotted looking for an engagement ring

There is a good chance that Britney Spears (39) will soon tie the knot. The singer has already hinted several times that she would like to get married and her boyfriend has understood that too. The man was spotted looking at some engagement rings in the jewelry store.

Sam Asghari (27) and Britney have been together for over four years, so getting engaged is the next logical step in their relationship.

Asghari went ring shopping in California’s Beverly Hills on Thursday. His eye fell on a jewelry box, which he took a picture with his smartphone. The saleswoman also pulled out what looked like a diamond ring so Sam could get a better look at it.

Last June, Britney made it clear in court that she would like to say yes to her boyfriend. During her father’s conservatorship lawsuit, the singer said she wanted Jamie Spears to step down as administrator so she could get married and have children.

According to her, these are things that she is not allowed to do as long as she is under her father’s control.

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