Taking a break: why you need to be alone before starting a new relationship

Most women are actively looking for their soul mate, imagining what the dream man should be like. After the relationship fails, they try to enter into new ones quickly, fearing losing precious time or missing a worthy candidate for hand and heart. But it would be better to wait a while and be alone with yourself!

Why you should be alone before starting a new relationship

Suppose you recently broke up with a man. Don’t waste time crying, listening to sympathetic speeches from close friends. Do not indulge in despair, anger, or fear of loneliness. If you get bogged down in these negative emotions, then your subconscious mind will be tuned in to a negative scenario of a relationship in the future. It is much better and more useful to spend time with benefits and understand yourself.

First of all, you need to answer three questions honestly!

Three questions to be honest with yourself

Here’s what to find out!

  1. What mistakes have you made in your relationship? Perhaps you have some not very good character traits, and it was they that became the cause of the discord with your partner. In this case, you need to work on them while you are not meeting with anyone. Think about what personality traits are preventing you from being happy. Have you been honest with your man? How often did you quarrel? Did you make scandals? Analyzing this will help you prevent future mistakes from happening again.

2. What did you do right? Answer this question as honestly as the previous one. Perhaps you were a very attentive and caring companion for a man, always honestly expressed your opinion and supported him. If you knew how to cheer up and calm your partner, but the relationship still went wrong

, then this is not your fault. You just turned out to be different people and did not fit each other. But you have something to be proud of! Surely your next chosen one will be glad to meet you and appreciate all your positive qualities of their true worth.

3. What would not hurt to learn before starting a new relationship? Analyze all of your long-term relationships with men. Surely there was something similar in them, which ultimately led to a break. Think what it is? Once you understand the cause of your failure, you have the key to perfect relationships and personal happiness.

Remember that success in love depends on your thoughts. Your destiny is only in your hands! Look for a partner you feel comfortable with. Avoid relationships in which you feel lonely, bored, or jealous. You have every right to be happy, so work on yourself and your thoughts.

While you pause before a new relationship, try to get rid of some negative attitudes that prevent you from achieving what you want:

  • Get rid of destructive thoughts and emotions.
  • If there is someone in front of whom you are ashamed of your weaknesses among your friends, communicate with that person less often. And with those who give you joy and instil confidence in you, meet more often.

Decide for yourself what you want from a man. Try not to associate future relationships with negative experiences from the past. Leave no room for fears, as they only exist while you are thinking about them!

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