The worst way to respond to “I love you”

Loving someone means that they will always have a place in your heart. That’s why saying “I love you” to someone for the first time is like telling them that you care so much about them. And it is important that when you express it, you mean it. But the question is what the other will answer when he/she hears “I love you”.

See the worst response to I love you


This answer is not that terrible, but it will make the one who said “I love you” feel quite troubled. You may be grateful, but there are other words you can use. Maybe something like, “these words mean a lot to me”.

“I feel like your, my brother/sister”

If you are feeling this way, you may want to reconsider your entire relationship. But if you like someone, use better words. Say something like, “You are very important in my life” or “I am not interested in a relationship, but I care about you”

“Now, how should I respond?”

Ouch. This answer is harsh. You may feel this way if you did not know that someone had those feelings for you, but saying so can hurt the other person. Remember, he did something amazing. He confessed his feelings. He knew there was a possibility of rejection, but he expressed what he felt.

So instead of giving the above answer, you can say, “I have no words! This is very nice”, or if you do not know how you feel “, I have not analyzed my feelings to understand it yet” is an honest statement that should be in able to accept.

“You should not”

Even if you do not feel the same way, it should be flattering if someone you like or care about says, “I love you”. Even if you think you are a bad person or have done wrong, you still deserve love. Try not to downplay the other person’s feelings.


Let’s say you have two dates, and he tells you that he loves you. The truth is that it is probably early. Nevertheless, this revelation is still important to the other. You have the right at this point to walk away and stop going out if you are in a completely different emotional state. But saying “already?” will make the moment incredibly clumsy.

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