These Hollywood stars refuse to share the screen again

They shot a film or a TV series together, but it all ended so badly that they became enemies forever

When we watch the Oscars, they all seem to be friends. They greet each other, they hug each other, they smile, but in reality, many of them behind the scenes hate each other. Many of them had to put aside their differences in front of the camera to make us believe that they were in love, that they were friends or that they were having a good time, even though they actually hated their closest companion all the time.

Leonardo DiCaprio liked to play jokes that only he found funny, while Claire Danes hated her lover in Romeo and Juliet; Bill Murray was left out of Charlie’s L.A. sequel for questioning the acting skills of his fellow cast members. Working in Hollywood is ultimately like any other job: you don’t always have the best relationship with everyone.

Over the years, some celebrities have earned a bad reputation among their fellow cast members, so much so that other actors don’t want to work with them anymore from simple personality conflicts to insane insults and much more.

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones

When Jim Carrey played the Riddler in Batman Forever, he was at the height of his career. His co-star Tommy Lee Jones, who played Two Face, was definitely not a fan of his colleague’s style of humor.

One night before filming a scene together, Carrey and Jones met in a restaurant. When Carrey approached Jones’s table to greet him, he did not receive the greeting he expected. “He stood up, shaking, hugged me and said, ‘I hate you. I really don’t like you’. I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ and pulled up a chair, which probably wasn’t the best idea. He said, ‘I can’t stand your antics’.”

In explaining what this hatred might be about, Carrey said, “I was the star, that was the problem. This assertion was supported by director Joel Schumacher, who confirmed that Jones had a bad attitude on the set,” and told Entertainment Weekly in 1996: “Jim Carrey was a gentleman and he threatened Tommy Lee. I’m tired of defending overpaid and overprivileged actors.” But like the gentleman he is, Carrey defended Jones by saying, “he probably felt uncomfortable with that job. It wasn’t really his style so much. But he’s a phenomenal actor, and I think he’s great.”

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

In 1994, Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts starred together in the romantic comedy I Love Trouble. The two did not fit well on the set, and their lack of chemistry was more than evident to the film’s production team. According to reports at the time, the constant fighting got so bad that director Charles Shyer resorted to filming some of their scenes separately to keep them as far apart as possible.

While filming the movie, Roberts told the New York Times that Nolte was “completely unpleasant” and that he “seems to be trying hard to repel people”. Nolte later responded: “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting’. But she’s not a good person. Everyone knows that.” The off-screen dispute was taken up again by Roberts when he appeared on The Late Show and continued the accusations against Nolten.

Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone

The dispute between the actors ended with one of them out of work. Stallone explained that Gere had originally been chosen as the main character in the 1974 drama The Lords of Flatbush, but their dismal relationship during the shooting caused Gere to be replaced by Perry King. Stallone recalls that Gere was a complete jerk on the set, including getting too rough during fight rehearsals and spilling greasy food on Stallone’s pants: “The director had to make a decision: one of us had to go, one of us had to stay.”

Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard

“Robert Downey Jr. kicked me out of Iron Man and took my money.” Terrence Howard had no problem talking about his fight with Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. In 2013, Howard claimed that while the studio had initially offered him a three-picture contract, he later ran out and firmly blamed Downey Jr.

These Hollywood stars refuse to share the screen again

“It turns out that the person I helped become Iron Man, when it came time to return for the sequel, took the money they were supposed to pay me and threw me out,” he said Watch What Happens Live. “We made a contract for three films, which means you sign everything upfront. I was going to get a certain amount of money for the first one, another amount for the second one and another for the third one,” said Howard, who noted that it was then, when production of the second film was going to start, that he was approached about being paid “one-eighth” of what had been agreed.

That’s when he went to Robert Downey Jr. for help and the big disappointment came. “Then I called my friend, who I had helped get the first job, and he didn’t call me back until three months later.” In the second Iron Man film, Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheandley as Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes

Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds

Reading Patton Oswalt’s story about his time on the 2004 Blade Trinity set is much more interesting than watching the movie itself. Unlike the first two films of the trilogy, Trinity was a disappointment for critics and a commercial frustration. According to Oswalt, director David S. Goyer should not be blamed for the way the film turned out since he spent half of his time dealing with the erratic behavior of the protagonist, Wesley Snipes.

“Wesley was fucking crazy in a hilarious way,” said the actor and comedian. “He didn’t get out of his dressing room and smoked pot all day.” Oswalt said Snipes “tried to strangle the director” in a tense moment, which led Goyer to hire a group of motorcyclists as bodyguards. “And that scared Wesley so much that, for the rest of the production, he would only communicate with the director through post-it notes.”

However, it was not only with Goyer that Snipes faced. The action star also didn’t get along with co-star Ryan Reynolds, apparently refusing to call him by name. “Ryan Reynolds was referred to as ‘crap’,” said a member of the executive team to writer Chris Parry on condition of anonymity. “Many of Reynolds’ lines were only the result of Wesley not being there,” Oswalt added.

Reynolds laughed when asked if he would ever consider meeting with Snipes for a fourth Blade movie, responding with an emphatic emphasis: “No.”

Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi

On the set of The Good Wife, a dispute between the stars Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi caused tension for years before Panjabi left the show. While the characters played by the two women were once very good friends, the actresses were not. They never filmed together for 51 episodes, and most of the on-screen communication between their characters was done by phone. When Panjabi left the show, she and Margulies finally had a scene together, one in which the two actresses filmed their parts of the scene separately and then joined thanks to the power of the green screen and the CGI. Panjabi had no choice but to find a new job.

These Hollywood stars refuse to share the screen again

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray

Patrick Swayze in his biography, said he found it “extremely irritating” to work with Jennifer Gray. She refused to rehearse the scenes over and over, and, on top of that, when someone criticized her, she started crying on the set. In many scenes, he asked for risk doubles, such as the famous moment when they practice keeping their balance on a tree stick. In addition, Gray had asked the production that Patrick is not her heartthrob in Dirty Dancing. However, he did not get it and had to work with him on a film that nobody wanted to do and then became an event at the box office. It was not a pleasant shoot and was full of moments of tension, but over time they reconciled and became great friends.

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

Depp is not an easy person to work for, and Jolie is known to be particularly maniacal, so it was to be expected that the sparks would jump in the filming of El Turista. The actress confessed to her intimates that they did not support the eccentric actor, while Depp said openly that in the breaks of filming, he left as far as possible from her. After the production that was a total failure with terrible reviews, they fixed their personal affairs and today they are good friends.

Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

There’s a reason Murray didn’t repeat himself in the sequel to Charlie’s Angels. The movie was terrible, yes, but it was Lucy Liu who asked for it. According to the story on the set, Murray kept questioning the acting skills of her colleagues, which in the case of Drew Barrimore and Cameron Diaz ended with a compliment and Liu with a harsh “You, what are you doing here, if you can not act?” It was at this point that the actress proved that, at least for action scenes, she had more than enough training and hit him.

In The Guardian, Murray defended himself against her reputation for being difficult: “I have a reputation for people I don’t like working with or don’t know how to work with. Some people think they hire you and may treat you like a dictator.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes

One of the most charming couples that have been seen in the cinema, but not everything was happiness on the set. Claire Danes repeatedly stated that she did not have a good time during filming because she thought DiCaprio was immature for playing different jokes on the cast and the production team. For his part, the Oscar winner complained that she was too serious and not funny, but fortunately, both were such good performers that nobody noticed and their chemistry in Romeo and Juliet (1996) was undeniable.

These Hollywood stars refuse to share the screen again

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