What do habits get in the way of achieving your goals?

Has anyone noticed that many people adhere to an albeit grayish but safe way of life? They look with envy at the achievements of others and sigh heavily for their unfulfilled dreams. Their goals, sometimes so close, remain forever an unattainable mirage in the desert.

Looking forward to quick results

A quick result gives a good laxative. And in business, whatever you start, you need to arm yourself with patience and perseverance. Not a single business, not a single idea, will “shoot” in a week.

And even in a month. Sometimes it takes a year or more. Do not force events! Although, if your life goal is to get drunk next Friday, the result will not be long in coming.

You stop believing in yourself

“Ooh, I’m a complete zero… I’m not doing anything…” Your words? Bon voyage to the world of losers! Remember, until you realize your importance, you do not believe in your strength; you will never budge.

You can move mountains if you want; try to move a cobblestone for a start at least. Do not give up and believe in yourself. It’s always everywhere, despite everything.

Digging into the past

Oh yeah! It’s so nice to blame all your failures on those who in the past said something wrong, did the wrong thing, offended, disliked, etc., and so on. Stop nourishing your infantilism! You are already an adult, and you can quickly get rid of the emotions of bygone years.

Take a look at what lies ahead for you if today you wipe your snot and crawl out of this sticky slurry of tearful memories. Stop constantly watch your back – and see the horizon.

Doing self-criticism because of your mistakes

It is common for everyone to make mistakes. And what now, after each hang? Successful people know how to analyze what is happening to them, their actions and results. This helps not repeat the previous mistakes but learn the necessary lesson and move on with this knowledge.

Do not be a grumpy mother-in-law for yourself, but follow the example of successful people. Learn to “extract” benefits even from troubles.

Afraid of the future

Besides, being afraid of the future is, at the very least, stupid. You project it yourself. Sooner or later, a person gets what awaits. And fear is expectation. Therefore, “reload the program” in your head to positive thinking and go ahead.

Paint a picture of your future in bright and light colours. Here, right in your head, and on paper – draw!

Your fear of failure is greater than your desire for success

As a rule, it is not the consequences that scare you, but the uncertainty. This fear-demotivator is the most serious force that hinders the path to success. If you are shaking with the thought, “what if something goes wrong” make a backup plan.

Sometimes it is even more winning. Take the first step on the principle of the “dark corridor” when you know that there is what you are passionately dreaming of at the end. And the desire must be so strong that you are ready to run through the gloomy tunnel even with your eyes closed. Get rid of fears at the physical level: if you are afraid of heights – jump with a parachute, water – dive with an aqualung, insects – hold a tarantula in your hands. And do not even try to say: “No ooo… I can’t-o-ooh…”!

Resist change

“Eat – you can sleep. Sleep – you can eat ”- is this the limit of your dreams? Any change in life

is a magic kick, throwing up and forward. There is no need to resist. Take everything new as a fresh dish in a boring diet.

If you see only a problem in the changes, look at it from all sides and find the pluses. There are always more of them. Remember school changes – how much joy they brought. And with this feeling, let into your life everything that it gives you to taste.

You think the world owes you something

Erase this thought from your head with hydrochloric acid. All the best is done and happens precisely when a person of his own free will, pushed by his desires, guided by his worldview, performs actions, strives for a dream and achieves a goal. And to support/patronize / respect/love you is a right, not an obligation of those on whom you count.

Take this as a postulate, and it will become much easier to perceive the world around you. Do not wait for manna from heaven, and do not build castles in the air. In case of emergency, get a tattoo: “Nobody owes anything to anyone!”

You take the first failure as a signal to retreat

Such a call does not come from outside. It is you who allow your brain to wreak havoc. Go to the mirror and shout to the reflection with all your might: “Pull yourself together.”

For some people, beautiful prospects are enough to move towards achieving a goal. Others need to burn all the bridges so that there is not a single chance to retreat. Choose your option. Most likely, the second will suit you. So, burn it, baby!

Afraid of losing what you have now

Yes, in any case, you have something to lose. Sit quietly at the table, take a piece of paper, divide it into two parts and put the answers to the questions on the shelves:

  • What do I lose if I risk a change?
  • What will I lose by leaving everything as it is?

In any case, deliberately leaving the comfort zone, you open up new opportunities and prospects for yourself, take the first step towards realizing your dreams. And you can always return to your swamp to sigh for the rest of your life about the unattained goal if that …

You think your problems are unique

Oh, come on without it! If you have lilac, orange-flowered pupils, this is unique. And the problems, believe me, are practically the same for everyone. The only difference is in their scale, perception and solutions.

Read books and educational articles, meet people who have already achieved those heights you only dream of, ask successful friends about their problems. Then you will be simply embarrassed, and there is no need to repeat your originality.

Pity yourself

Feeling self-pity will never make you better, nor will it change the state of affairs in general, and the more you feel sorry for yourself, the less energy you have to accomplish.

Write down: as soon as you want to dismiss the feelings, “oh, I’m a poor, unhappy creature,” immediately replace these thoughts with positive ones – “I’m preparing an amazing charlotte!”, “I built a house for my grandfather in the village!” Only when you stop feeling sorry for yourself can you again feel the amazing taste of life.

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