Actress attacks men who do not take care of their wives

Based in Nigeria, Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, seems to have thought a lot about men and how they take care of their wife.

These thoughts do not seem to have produced much results as she has openly declared her confusion on the subject.

Speaking on her social media page, the actress noted that she does not understand the behavior of some men.

According to her, many men are willing to take care of other people’s wives if the husband is unable to do so.

She said: “I do not understand men who do not care for their wives, all in the name of “She is independent”. If you do not take care of her, my brother someone else will do it. #OpenGistWithJuliet.”

Actress attacks men who do not take care of their wives

Recall that Juliet have a relationship with the Nigerian singer Iceberg Slim who rumors have it that they separated, allegations that the pair has confirmed or reversed.

What is not clear though is if the singer falls into the category of men who do not take care of their wives.

Well, we guess she can only confirm it.

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