10 good reasons to break up with your partner

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to end a relationship with someone. But if you’re looking for valid, clear and common reasons for leaving your partner, you can find them here.

Why would you break up with your partner?

Have you been in doubt about your relationship for a while, and do you want to end it? The reasons below show why sometimes it’s better to break up.

Cheating on you

Whether you or your partner have been unfaithful, the mere fact that a third party is involved can be enough to make you decide to break up.

If you recognize signs of cheating and can’t bring yourself to forgive him or her, this may be reason enough to break up with someone.


No one should ever be subjected to abuse of any kind, especially by a person you thought you could trust. This is without a doubt an excellent reason to leave the relationship and look for someone who cares about your well-being.

You think about how much better it would be without your partner

There will definitely be times in your relationship when you wish you were single. Of course, being single also has its advantages. This is totally fine and very normal, especially if you are going through a difficult period in your life.

But if you constantly think that your life would have been much better without your current partner, this would only lead to contempt and regret. If you think life would be much better without your partner, break up and find out for yourself.

Fighting too often

Couples can argue over minor things and make amends in an instant. But if your fights always escalate to the point where it takes up a big part of your relationship, then you’re less in love and more at war.

You are only in a relationship so as not to be single

Is being single that bad? You were single before you started dating, and then you were fine, right?

A relationship should bring out the best in two people to work towards a future together. But if you’re only in the relationship to have someone to sleep with or someone to take care of you, then your relationship may just be doomed to fail.

You’re the only one making an effort for the relationship

Are you tired of always being the one making an effort to make your relationship work? Sometimes people put in a disproportionate effort to make a relationship work, but is it worth it?

If you put so much work into your relationship and your partner makes no effort to return the favour, this could be a good reason to leave.

You can’t see a future with them

Often, attraction and infatuation blind people and keep them from seeing that their relationship is doomed to fail.

For example, two people may be head over heels in love, but one wants this, and the other wants something else. When you’re in such a relationship, it can be difficult to change your partner’s mind. If you don’t think you’re ready for that, break up and move on.

Constantly thinking about someone else

Are you constantly thinking about someone else? Are you romantically interested in another person? Do you fantasize about being with that other person? If that’s the case, do your partner a favour by ending it before dating someone else.

The feeling that you’re only bringing each other down

Evaluate your relationship and your lifestyle choices. If your lifestyle is suffering because of a person in your life, it’s time to end it and find something else.

If you don’t have a reason to stay, it’s a good reason to go

If you can’t give yourself a reason to stay or continue working on your relationship, that’s reason enough to end it with someone.

Are you not so happy in your relationship? Do you recognize many of these points, and do you agree with many of the above reasons for breaking up? Then you know enough.

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