10 mistakes you shouldn’t make in your new workplace

We appeal to novices, who, after interviewing work, they begin a career. In this first period – also known as a trial period – it is essential to give a good impression. Of course, it’s important to be yourself, but many recruiters want to bring new candidates’ attention to some behaviors that could be misinterpreted and better put aside.

And then there is the first day, almost an exam, the reason why a particularly anxious or shy person does not sleep in it the previous nights. But there are some “secrets” to get out alive and get through the first period of work in the new company well.

The 10 mistakes you shouldn’t make

Learn the names

The very important thing is to learn the names and integrate with the group of colleagues. Not only the first day of work but also the entire period of insertion.

Don’t show yourself too much

When joining an already formed team, it is good to do it “on tiptoe” without showing off too much to familiarize yourself with colleagues gradually.

Don’t be too zealous

To prove to your new boss that he made the right choice, don’t try to do too much: arriving at 8:30 when everyone shows up at 9:30 or staying too long in the office while your colleagues have already left won’t make you a bad thing. Good employee.

Do not judge too quickly

It’s only your first week, and it’s okay to be a little lost. Don’t panic if you are not completely satisfied with your new job after the first few days. According to a career management specialist, it takes a new person about 90 days to understand how a company works.

No wonder then that a trial period usually lasts three months. Give yourself this time to get used to this new way of working, your new colleagues and your new boss.

Don’t have lunch alone

The canteen, lunch, coffee or cigarette breaks are all occasions to socialize and get closer to your new colleagues. So, even if you’re a bit shy, mix it up.

Nobody will blame you for asking to join others on their lunch break. Unless they are downright nasty or in a very bad mood, they will welcome you with pleasure.

Separate work from private life

At work, the relationship is between colleagues and not between friends. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the personal plan separate from the work plan. In this way, it is avoided that prejudices are created that could condition the working relationship.

It can be helpful to talk about previous work, but it’s best to avoid telling what went wrong and play the victim. On the contrary, remember it as an experience that allowed growing.

Don’t neglect yourself

If you came in with an ironed white shirt during the interview, that’s fine. But if you’ve noticed that the rest of the company comes in jeans/trainers, there’s no need to repeat the experience.

Stay in the mood of the company; it will show that you understand its codes. And if you like to look different every day, be patient before showing your new colleagues your styling skills.

Don’t always talk about your old job

By talking too much about your old job, your employer may think you miss it or regret coming. As sweethearts, we avoid talking about our ex.

Always ask for the opinion of others

It is useful to be proactive right away, but without exaggerating, so as not to annoy with continuous requests for attention. Proposing by asking for advice, or seeking confrontation, is an excellent way to earn respect.

Use your mobile in moderation

Mute the smartphone. Do not be distracted by phone calls, WhatsApp and social networks, especially from the work computer.

You run the risk of passing for indifferent or disinterested. If necessary, there is time to regain contact with the outside during the breaks.

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