10 signs you’re a true alpha male

In general, most people are social creatures who prefer to live in groups. However, not everyone can find themselves in this. Do you prefer to be at the forefront as a leader instead of following? Then you may well be an alpha male. You can recognize that you are an alpha male by these signs.

One doesn’t like being in the foreground; the other doesn’t like anything more. There is always an alpha man or leader in an environment in one way or another.

Do you prefer to always be in the front, do you arrange all the ladies, everyone secretly looks up to you, do you possess the qualities that make you self-confident, dominant and successful and are you the leader of your group of friends? Then you can call yourself an alpha male.

Confidence and pride

This is a quality that will certainly not be lacking in the true alpha male. An alpha male is characterized by his attitude to life and reflecting on his achievements over the years. There’s nothing wrong with a nice car in front of the door, a successful life and a confident posture, but don’t shoot the corner with this. After all, modesty is appreciated.

A good dress style

It may sound cliché, but good clothing and a good figure are important for the alpha male. It’s not for nothing that they say that clothes make the man. So the alpha male always makes sure that he looks good from head to toe.

Stylish watches, a neat haircut, and a good outfit. All these points increase self-confidence and command respect from others.

A lot of attention to the appearance, also of the body itself

In addition to a good clothing style, an alpha male will radiate a lot of self-confidence in appearance. The gym can help with this.

The real alpha male will be here regularly and do everything to get the best out of himself and create a muscle mass. Appearance is important, and he will not hide this.

Strong standards and values

Every alpha male is not silent and will have a strong opinion about his standards and values. The alpha male will not just walk all over him and will not follow the crowd.

He will always draw his conclusions and, therefore, often go against the grain. The alpha male is not afraid of being rejected. He always chooses his path.

Communication is important

Who doesn’t want a smooth chat? The real alpha male is strong in communication and always has the conversation well under control.

They know what they are talking about and are not afraid to argue with others. He is certainly not afraid to seek confrontation. Even if it is 1 against 100, the alpha male will always stand his ground.

In the alpha male, both the verbal and non-verbal manners are strong. This creates a confident look, which women are often attracted to.

A hard worker

Hard work, the alpha man can do that. This is extremely important to him. An alpha male will always set clear goals for himself and do everything he can to achieve them. He works hard and always has a goal in mind.

A good self-mockery

To be laughed at? That is certainly not an option for the alpha male. When people make a joke about his appearance or his behavior, he laughs just as hard. This way, no one can walk all over him, and he shows that nothing touches him. The alpha man is not to be trifled with.


Why do almost all women fall for alpha men? The answer is simple. The alpha male is sympathetic and a real flirt in every situation. He will always make sure that the woman is comfortable with him. The alpha man knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere in every situation and make the situation pleasant.

You use a lot of eye contact

Alpha males are not afraid of confrontation. Where shy men often avoid eye contact, the alpha male will never do so. Are you wondering why? This is a sign of dominance and leadership. He draws attention to himself and keeps you focused on him. Women find this very attractive in men.

You have a large group of friends

The alpha male is an example for the group. Because of his strong character and his self-confidence, everyone wants to be part of this. Not surprising at all that the alpha man, therefore, has a large group of friends.

The alpha man wants nothing more than to show his position in public. He will, therefore, often surround himself with his friends and then have the highest word.

In addition to the strong character, the alpha male is extremely social and will easily make people laugh. Everyone likes to be in the environment of an alpha male and loves nothing more than to be entertained by his infectious sense of humor and his strong stories.

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