12 ideas to get your life in order this weekend

As children, we couldn’t wait to grow up; that “adulting” is quite disappointing in practice. Sometimes you feel like you’re just doing something and your exploded pantry and mailbox are proof. Do you want to get your life back in order?

Then this weekend is the ideal time to get started.

In this article, we share no fewer than 12 ideas to tackle your weekend life properly. Choose the plans you need or do them all (in the near future).

Clean up your phone

Remove all apps that you no longer use and take a good look at your photos. Do you need to keep all those screenshots, for example? Maybe not the nicest weekend task, but it has to happen someday. Why not now? You will thank yourself afterwards.

Do you want to take it all seriously? On many phones nowadays, you can create folders with different apps. And did you know that with IOS 14, you can even change the look of your apps? A tip for the organization freaks: search for “phone organization” on Pinterest, and your life will never be the same again.

Organize your fridge or pantry

Do you always lose everything in your fridge or pantry? Then it’s a matter of cleaning up and organizing. That is completely slick if you also label your boxes with the help of letter pliers.

Give your furniture a new place

No budget for a new interior? When you put your furniture in a new place, it also gives a completely different feeling. Clean everything right away, and your house will feel like new again!

Tackle a small space in your home

If you have a small budget, you can also tackle a small space in your house. For example, choose the seating area, the toilet or your garden and make it cosy. Bet you can count on a feeling of happiness afterwards.

Plan meals for the week

Planning your meals is going to save you a lot of time

and money. Make a shopping list for the whole week and take a trip to the supermarket. If you want to give yourself a complete gift for the rest on the weekend, you can also meal prep them.

Get your mailbox to inbox zero

That seems impossible when you look at your hundreds of unread emails, but it is not. The chances are that that overflowing mailbox will only cause you to stress, so make short work of that this weekend.

Clean up your computer

And if you’ve been busy with your mailbox, you can also search your files on your computer. Organizing your files into logical folders is going to be so much fun.

Challenge yourself to form a new habit

What habits have you wanted to learn for a long time? Is it taking a walk every day, doing a yoga session, meditating, reading a chapter of a book? Whatever it is for you, commit to doing this every day for the next 30 days (no excuses!) and start doing it this weekend.

Create a morning routine

Speaking of habits, why not take a closer look at your morning routine? Think carefully about how you would prefer to start your day. Is that rushing out of bed to feel rushed all day? Or is that with a moment for yourself?

Do a big cleanup on Instagram

We often talk about the negative impact Instagram can have on our mood. Make it as easy as possible on yourself by unfollowing everyone you don’t feel good about yourself. And follow people who do!

Put your phone away this weekend

Looking at myself, Instagram has a bad feeling about how I’m feeling, especially on weekends because everyone seems to be doing nicer things with their lives than I am. Recognizable? Just put your phone away this weekend. App friends and family that you will not be reachable (that will save you a lot of unrest) and see what the phone-free weekend will bring you.

Go on a date with yourself

It should be fun, of course. And since a lot of the things on this list have to do with “cleaning up”, it’s important to do something fun this weekend too. Grab a terrace with a nice magazine, buy yourself flowers, or curl up on the couch with your favourite (bad) movie and order your favourite food.

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