5 incorrect self-doubts that reduce your chances of getting a job

Modesty is a great thing, but don’t overdo it. Self-confidence and a good self-image are at least as necessary. Forget these false thoughts about yourself while applying for a job.

Limiting beliefs and thoughts: we all have them. They have a more significant influence than you might think at first, and worst of all, we are often not even aware of them.

Wrong thoughts while applying

These five incorrect thoughts are unconsciously holding you back from applying for a job. Which one can you accost yourself looking for a new job?

“I don’t have enough experience”

You come across an excellent vacancy, and there it is again: you need three years of work experience for a junior position. Realize that no one matches the vacancy for the full 100 percent.

Of course, recruiters outline their ideal candidate in the vacancy, but often it does not exist at all. If you can tick off many of the other bullet points, this is still worth applying for. Curiosity and motivation are also very valuable.

“I have achieved nothing remarkable”

If you feel like you haven’t delivered a remarkable performance, you will behave that way in job interviews. Moreover, you will then go faster for other vacancies that may be below your level.

Therefore, make a list of everything you have accomplished in your life. This can be especially difficult if you have just come out of school. But the list also includes completed projects at school and that compliment you received from your teacher. Overcoming challenges and creating new things should also be on your list. These are skills that come in handy at any job.

“I don’t know if I can handle the job”

If you are insecure about your abilities, you should nip it in the bud. This seeps through in the vacancies you choose to respond to and once you are allowed to come for an interview. When you think somewhere in the back of your mind that you really can’t handle the job, you also radiate this during the application.

Of course, there is a clear difference between really not being able to handle the job and uncertainty because it is, for example, the first time that you will work with a particular program.

“I didn’t get the right education”

Of course, the proper diploma helps, but today HR specialists are trained to think outside the box. Therefore, they look at what you have already achieved and how eager you are to learn.

If you do get rejected for jobs, ask for feedback. You can then work on these points through training and online courses.

“I don’t know the right people, and I’m not good at networking”

The following also applies here: it helps to have a good network. It can certainly offer you extra opportunities in specific sectors. But if you don’t have an existing network yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never succeed when applying for a job.

You can also actively network. Nowadays, this does not only mean that you have to exchange tickets at network events inconveniently. You can also network via LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms, for example. It’s just a matter of practice.

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