An envious friend: how to recognize her

When strangers are jealous, you can close your eyes to this. But if such an unpleasant feeling comes from close people, then you can even quarrel. How to understand that envy is gnawing at someone close to you? And if the best friend?

It would seem that everything is obvious, but, alas, some people skillfully mask this feeling

. And sometimes, it even happens that the girl herself does not realize that she is jealous of someone because this happens subconsciously.

Signs that your friend is jealous of you (and strongly)

A friend always complains about life and injustice towards her

If you have ever heard from a friend that she does not have something that you have, be it a beloved husband, a child, her own home, or just a new pair of shoes, then this suggests that she is jealous.

Try to notice when exactly the girl starts complaining about injustice and whether she is referring to you. “You feel good because you get a good salary, but I have to live on a penny!” – such and similar phrases should alert you.

Be sure that your best friend who blames everything and everyone around for her failure and blames how lucky you are in life is jealous.

The girl competes with you all the time

There is nothing wrong with competition if it is healthy. In this way, we try to become better, achieve success or fulfill our dreams. But if a friend seeks to overtake you in everything, then this is a bad sign.

For example, a girl may run headlong for a new bag after buying herself a new product. Or she’s trying to get the attention of a young man you like. Well, or begins to work hard only when you have been promoted up the career ladder. Such painful competition is a sign that a toxic person next to you is gnawing at envy.

She is not confident in herself and her strengths

A person who is satisfied with himself, with his own life and what he has at the moment usually does not envy others.

But if one of your friends is not confident in herself and does not know how to succeed, she may well feel envy. Whatever one may say, a lot depends on human self-esteem.

Your best friend is a pessimist

If a girl sees negativity in everything, she tends to envy others. She thinks that others easily succeed simply because they are lucky. And her, poor thing, luck does not smile. Of course, such a young lady is inclined to envy, and more often than not, she is pessimistic.

If you told your friend about the desire to start a new business, and she immediately listed dozens of reasons why you should not do this, then this is a sure sign that you are a pessimist and, perhaps, she already envies you.

Girlfriend imitates you

If a person starts copying you and tries to imitate you, he most likely wants to live your life. This is how envy manifests itself. Notice that your best friend started dressing like you? She buys herself the same shoes, clothes and makeup, or goes to the same hairdresser as you.

Perhaps the girl copies your manner of communication, intonation and facial expressions. If you go to the gym a couple of times a week, she will soon sign up for it too and start boasting that she visits it more often – for example, three or four times.

What to do if you are convinced that your friend is jealous of you? To begin with, you can talk to her heart to heart, find out the reasons for this behaviour and show her that you are the same person as she is. You, like all people, have the problems that you have to face daily. If a frank conversation does not help, try to stop communicating with the envious person or reduce it to a minimum.

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