Cities of the super-rich: These places have the most successful people

These cities on the planet earth, like a magnet, attract huge finances and are also home to a large number of rich people. However, they are the city of super-rich or billionaires.

What leads to the attraction of the most successful people? Maybe these are large industrial centers or tourist destinations? Or maybe these are megacities that have overtaken traditional centers of wealth over the past few decades and have become modern synonyms for a high standard of living? We have compiled a rating of the most attractive cities in the world from the point of view of billionaires.


Let’s start from an unexpected place. Turkey is not an economic superpower. This state has been waiting for its chance to enter the European Union for a long time, and even after that, it is remembered only because of the failed coup d’etat or the scandalous statements of its leader.

However, if we consider the Middle East, then it was Turkey in its foreign policy that has long been sympathetic to the West. Istanbul is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world; it arose more than two thousand years ago and until 1930 bore the name of Constantinople, was the pearl of the Byzantine Empire and one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire.

Among the 15 million inhabitants of the city, you can find the mansions of more than two dozen billionaires. The list of the most successful people is headed by Murat Ulker, a Turkish businessman who owns the largest food company in the region.


Tokyo has long had a reputation for being a unique city. In addition to being the capital of one of the most developed countries in the world, the city is famous for its unique landscape. And the filmmakers glorified it for the unique atmosphere – take at least the film “Lost in Translation”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many rich people are living in Tokyo. Tadashi Yanai is the most outstanding of them. He founded the renowned quality casual wear brand Uniqlo, which now has fans worldwide and generates billions of dollars in sales. The 72-year-old businessman has a net worth of $34.1 billion.


Curiously, this city is not a major international financial center like New York or a glamorous place like Los Angeles. It is called “the city of big shoulders” for its developed industry. Nevertheless, this American metropolis was named by the Time Out tabloid first in the world in the City Life Index.

Chicago is a city with modern architecture and a cultural, sports, and even gastronomic center. There are two world-famous restaurants in the city, which have the highest three-star rating. It is home to more than 280 wealthy residents, their fortune is estimated at $1.2 trillion.


It is not only a city of lovers. Paris is a world center of fashion and cultural capital that rivals London and New York. Therefore, it is not surprising that many rich people call the City of Light irresistible. Among them, there are not only those who have moved but also homegrown rich people.

One of them was Françoise Bettencourt Myers, the granddaughter of the founder of the L’Oreal brand, whose fortune exceeds $44.6 billion. Its neighbors are another 22 billionaires who call the French capital their home.


This city – one of the largest in the Asian region – is one of the twenty largest cities in the world. Incredibly, South Korea, of which Seoul is the capital, is ranked 13th among the most industrialized nations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of Korean brands are headquartered in this city. And, of course, the richest person living there is Lee Jae Young, who is at the helm of Samsung. He, along with 30 billionaires, consider Seoul their home.

Hong Kong

A former British colony, now an administrative region of China with a specific regime of government. According to the International Monetary Fund, if we consider Hong Kong as a separate country, it will take the tenth line in the ranking in terms of per capita income. Today, the city boasts over 60 billionaires as residents who control a quarter trillion dollars in assets. The first among them and the second richest in all of Asia is Li Ka-Shing. His net worth – $ 35.5 billion


India is included in the group of BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) – the four, albeit not as developed as the Big Seven (Germany, USA, France, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, and Italy), but having huge natural, human resources and increasing rates of economic development. Therefore, it is simply impossible not to talk about this largest city

in India.

Of course, this metropolis has both wealthy neighborhoods and well-known impoverished neighborhoods (these are the ones mentioned in the movie Slumdog Millionaire). The proximity of Bollywood, the Indian center of cinematography, gives the city a special gloss. Therefore, this piece of land was chosen by more than 30 billionaires, the richest of which is Mukesh Ambani. His fortune for 2020 is estimated at $64.6 billion, and his block of shares in oil and gas company Reliance Industries is the crown jewel of his business.


London is the most important international center for industry and finance. We know about this from the first grades of learning English. But the fact that at least 50 billionaires consider the capital of Great Britain their home is probably not known to many. Their combined wealth is nearly $200 billion. And by a strange coincidence, the richest of them is Len Blavatnik, a native of the USSR. His fortune is estimated at $20 billion.


It was impossible to think about it even 40 years ago. At the height of the Cold War, the USSR was the dominant communist country in the world, and Moscow was the center of anti-capitalist rhetoric. And now, the capital of Russia has become a haven for local billionaires. The city is home to about fifty billionaires, whose combined fortune is estimated at $220 billion.


It is one of the few American cities to boast a rich history. It became one of the key centers of colonization; Boston played an important role in the War of Independence. In the 80s of the last century, the city underwent a large-scale reconstruction, several enterprises were redesigned, medical centers gained access to innovative technologies, and the education sector received strong support. So, despite a modest 23rd place in the US by population, the city remains one of the most attractive places to live for the wealthy.

Imagine that 5% of the wealthiest families in the United States live here. Their number is more than 160 thousand, and their fortune is estimated at more than $600 billion.


Washington is not generally thought of as a place that could be home to the rich. After all, it has a completely different reputation: a few kilometers from the White House are poor neighborhoods with a high crime rate, and the city’s mayor was caught smoking crack, sentenced to six months in prison, and then won a brilliant victory in the subsequent elections.

Nevertheless, this city is attractive for a special reason: it is the center of political life, and the government has a lot of money that needs to be explored. This is why Washington attracts rich people. With a population of about 700 thousand people, 250 thousand can be safely considered secured because the amount in their “wallets” is more than a trillion dollars.

Los Angeles

The dream city, the capital of cinema, the center of glamor is rightfully at the top of this list. The Los Angeles metro area is home to 3.9 million people, and 350,000 consider themselves rich, with a combined income of $1.3 trillion. And 20 people are included in the Forbes list as people with a billion-dollar fortune. Who are they? You probably remember the names of movie stars, producers, and studio owners.

However, we will intrigue you: the richest person does not own this business at all. This is Patrick Sun-Shion, an American transplant surgeon and healthcare magnate. His success can also be called a true American dream and an example of American tolerance: Sun-Shion has Chinese roots, was born and raised in South Africa, studied in Canada, and received recognition in the United States.

San Francisco

This is an iconic place of Northern California, home to more than two dozen billionaires, and more than 250 thousand residents of the city are considered wealthy. Their combined fortune is about a trillion dollars.

New York

Of course, this city could not but top our list. New York City is home to nearly 1 million wealthy residents, with a combined wealth of $3.5 trillion, and 80 people are billionaires. The most famous and richest of them is Michael Bloomberg, with a capital of 48 billion dollars – he was elected three times as mayor of the city.

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