Dissatisfied with your work? Dismissal is not always the answer

No nice colleagues? A lot of tasks that only cost you energy? A boss who makes your life miserable? Enough reasons to give up. Recognizable? Dismissal seems to be the best solution, but it is not. And this is why.

Sooner or later, everyone wonders whether it is not better to resign. The reasons are countless: too much routine, little satisfaction, no motivation, an annoying boss, no nice colleagues, a bigger and more expensive car on another, ….

Resigning seems the most logical choice, and it is undoubtedly the most radical way to make a fresh start. But are you doubting your decision? Then you can certainly think of enough reasons to stay and give your career a boost.

Burnouts and high demands

And that is necessary today because there is something wrong in the work field. The many people who suffer from burnout are perfect proof of this, just like the companies desperately looking for employees with particular competencies.

Is it a typical problem of the 21st century? Not necessarily. It’s just more visible than ever. The reason? People are more assertive and demanding and are therefore more aware of their job. Moreover, robots or artificial intelligence perform repetitive and meaningless tasks nowadays, which makes us wonder which jobs are still available for humans.

Unanswered questions

Working people are therefore increasingly asking themselves questions about the world and their job. At the same time, many people are convinced that everything gets better when you change jobs. No wonder resigning seems to be the only right choice. And yet, a lot of employees who are not completely happy in their careers don’t change employers.

Anyone who feels uneasy about his job often has a lot of questions. And then it’s a matter of looking for answers. Unfortunately, these are often sought in unhealthy things. Just think of alcohol, binge-watching series, a lot of sports… That is superfluous because the answer to your questions can be found by simply thinking about your job.

Make a decision

How do you do that? By first asking yourself the right questions. What have you already achieved, and what have you learned from it? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you like about your job and what makes you happy? Which tasks only cost you energy, and which ones give you energy?

And above all, be honest. Many people realize afterward that a task they don’t like doing only makes up a small part of the entire range of tasks. But precisely because it’s not fun, it seems like it takes up a huge amount of time when it isn’t at all. Such a task should, therefore, not be a reason to resign. Only when you know what you are looking for in life, especially on a professional level, can you decide.

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