How to deal with cheating and maintain a relationship?

Why do people in marriage begin to cheat on each other? Have you thought about this? There are many reasons: cold passion, lack of common interests and goals, lack of reciprocity.

Breathe that as it may, any relationship one day runs the risk of running aground, the name of which is cheating. But the traditions of betrayal in each of the eras differ from each other.

How to survive cheating and maintain a relationship?

Cheating is a hard blow to trust. How can you trust your partner now? How can you be sure that he will not go “left” again? In any case, trust is a blind feeling, just like hope. We can never be entirely sure of another person.

First of all, you must answer yourself the question: are you ready to start everything from scratch? If so, then it makes sense to learn to trust each other again. However, first, we would like to tell you what modern infidelity has become in general. As they say, you need to know the enemy by sight. It is not for nothing that psychologists call treason islands in the peaceful sea of marriage.

Sometimes the ship of relations runs the risk of crashing on the treacherous islands peeping out of the water. But today, it is already difficult to understand whether we are approaching the island … They have become even more insidious, even more cunning. They acquired many new forms, faces, and looks. What will help us in such a dangerous situation? Classics, of course: signal lights and beacons. So, what are the types of betrayal?

Physical cheating: what is it?

This is a classic of the genre. However, if the phenomenon of physical betrayal was clearly defined earlier, the framework of this type of betrayal has blurred. This is primarily due to the subjective factor. Each person himself determines what he considers treason, including physical. For some, a hug or handshake is enough to accuse a partner of cheating. Another person takes an exclusively full-fledged sexual relationship for physical betrayal.

Advice: How not get into a mess so that you are not accused of cheating from scratch? There is only one recipe here: talk to your partner beforehand. At the very beginning of the relationship (no, it’s not early at all!), Discuss with your loved one what you would consider physical cheating.

Emotional cheating: how to deal with it?

Yes, you can change without even touching another person! And, probably, emotional betrayal can be even worse than physical betrayal. This happens when connections between people are destroyed. After a long life together, in the same territory, partners often take each other for granted.

Marriage turns into simple cohabitation. You lack reciprocity, understanding, warmth. You feel that you are not appreciated enough. What will happen next? Most likely, you will try to fill in the missing on the side. You don’t have to hug and kiss another man to change. You can find spiritual, emotional closeness with him.

Gradually, while communicating, you feel that your connection with another man becomes stronger. You move away from your partner, your husband. From friendship, relationships go to platonic love, then sweet romantic correspondence, flirting begins. And there, it is not far from physical cheating. To betray your beloved man in your heart is sometimes worse than to do it with your body!

Advice: Try to regain lost intimacy with your husband (partner). Spend more time together, find activities for yourself.

Cybercrime: what does it look like?

In the era of the Internet and social networks, we began to get to know each other and look for a “soul mate” in the virtual world. There are tons of romantic dating apps out there. The most famous of these is perhaps Tinder.

As your relationship gets stronger, interest in Tinder tends to wane. It is best to delete the application and concentrate on your chosen one.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes cyber relations are addictive. Chatting and flirting online becomes a habit that is very difficult to get rid of. What drives people addicted to flirting online? This question is rather tricky to answer.

Sometimes a person cannot relax, believe that your relationship is strong. He has a plan “B”. Therefore, he keeps in touch with other “candidates”. But the whole point is how you feel about it. Perhaps this is the norm for you,

Advice: As with physical cheating, the permissibility of cyber in your relationship should be determined in advance. It might be worth setting a framework: how far can online flirting go? And, of course, try not to break the established rules.

Micro-cheating: what is this?

Does your partner like to sit on Instagram, look at photos of “local” beauties, be sure to mark your favourites with hearts and likes? This is what is called micro-change. Sometimes such “communication” goes beyond likes: cute correspondence begins. More often than not, we don’t take these little things seriously.

Advice: Everyone has their understanding of fidelity. If you are embarrassed by your partner’s behaviour, it is better to discuss this with him from the beginning so that resentment does not accumulate.

Financial cheating: what to do?

Each family has its cornerstone in the form of a family budget. Typically, this is the total budget. But this is a very delicate moment! Usually, discussing financial issues takes time and involves finding out personal boundaries, good spending, and available opportunities. However, these boundaries are not always preserved. Sometimes they are violated, and then we are dealing with financial cheating. This isn’t good for trust in the family!

Advice: Yes, spending is a delicate thing. Sometimes it is difficult to resist and not buy an item that you like. The same goes for earnings: sometimes, we don’t want to share and hide our income. All this can lead to alarming consequences. What advice can you give? Just understand yourself, your desires. Maybe you shouldn’t keep a general budget. You can do this: plan the obligatory expenses for the family every month. In this case, all other personal finances remain with you. Thus, you will have responsibilities to your family and yourself.

Relationships can be compared to a closed ecosystem. Its foundation is communication, closeness and trust. First of all, it is worth discussing sensitive issues with your partner. How do I manage a budget? What is considered cheating? How far can online communication go?

These are all important points. What seems at first glance a trifle sometimes leads to disastrous consequences. Every relationship is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all recipe or advice for solving all problems. However, one rule always works: a problem arises – it is better to discuss it right away, not leaving it for tomorrow.

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