Is Tupac Shakur still alive? His reportedly new photo appears

A new reportedly photo claiming to prove that Tupac Shakur is still alive has been published. In September 1996, the American rapper was killed during a shooting and died six days later, but many conspiracy theorists are convinced that it was a cover-up and that he was being smuggled out of prison.

Now a grainy image has never appeared before that, according to the YouTube channel Wired Up TV, shows Tupac as it would be now, 48 years old.

The mysterious man in the photo sits on the edge of a road, dressed in a pink shirt and a straw hat, almost looking like the rapper – with the same prominent cheekbones and beard.

Is Tupac Shakur still alive? His reportedly new photo appears

The YouTube channel published many videos on their page on the subject of “TUPAC ALIVE”, claiming to have evidence of the perception of the famous rapper and the reasons why he had been brought to Mexico.

In the clip, the unknown narrator walks a few minutes before he talks about the alleged photo of Tupac. He confidently declares that there are tattoos on the arms of the middle-aged man, similar to that of the rapper, also known as 2Pac.

“Look closely at Tupac’s arms – you can see the outline of tattoos on his left arm,” they insist on the extremely blurry image. The reason you can’t see the tattoos clearly is that he’s covering them up when he goes outside,” he explains.

“He’s not trying to be recognized, he’s not trying to be known. One thing people recognize about Tupac is his tattoos – his bandanna and his tattoos.”

He adds: “This is 100 percent, Tupac Shakur. Look at his eyes, look at his face – what more proof do you want?”

More than 19,000 people have seen the footage of the picture, but not everyone is convinced of its authenticity.

“It may have been from a movie,” one person suggested.

Another agreed that it wasn’t real: “That looks photoshopped.”

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