Khanyi Mbau, the South African “Barbie doll”

Khanyisile Mbau, known professionally as Khanyi Mbau, is a South African actress, television host, and artist. After getting the ‘Barbie doll’ look, Khanyi has even bigger plans for her appearance and may soon surprise her world.

Media personality Khanyi Mbau revealed that she achieved her goals of having a beautiful figure and lighter skin. She aspired to look like Barbie. It wasn’t just her face that went through the transformation, but her whole body.

She shared an excerpt from the interview with YFM on her Instagram. But after the rude comments, she decided to delete it. One fan encouraged her in these words: “If I could make this body blue, I would …”. Another commented: “You are very good at words”.

It’s clear that not everyone is a huge fan of her transformation. It’s no secret that the TV host chose the cosmetic route and change her appearance by lightening her skin.

She spoke about it proudly and frankly, often ignoring malicious comments—the comments section of her last post being filled with offensive insults.

In an Instagram post, Khanyi Mbau (35) said the skin lightening process started in 2011, after realizing that white makeup artists could not adjust to her skin tone.

In an attempt to remedy her problem, the actress decided to start taking IV glutathione drops and pills, which was completely unnecessary. Eventually, she realized that the only way to get clearer skin is to use surface products because they had the most effective results.

Khanyi further clarified that by lightening her skin, she does not look at others with darker skin. She said it was her personal choice and that her fair skin made her look fresh and “glowing”.

No matter what people think about her, that won’t stop her from pursuing that “crazy” goal she wants to achieve.

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