Top 5 most sickening foods the Chinese eat (Worrying)

Local people in many countries eat foods that we find strange, but China has one of the most fabulous varieties of food in the world. Walkthrough any street market in China, and you will find delicious snacks, tourist delicacies, and even downright distasteful.

Some of these meals are famous for their tastes, some are unique, and some are best known for their medicinal purposes and can be made from plants, insects, animals, and just about anything you can think of.

The Top 5 most sickening foods Chinese Eat

1. Fried Scorpions

Scorpios on sticks in a chinese market, Chengdu, China
Scorpios on sticks in a chinese market, Chengdu, China

Those seeking something weird to sniff out while walking the streets of China may find scorpions a tasty delicacy. These petit Scorpions are roasted and served on a skewer. They can be encountered on the streets of crowded cities to lure v isitors into trying something vernacular and outlandish.

Because the scorpions are thin, they become crunchy with a sweet flavor. It is thought that the consumption of scorpions can remedy certain medical ailments and make the blood warmer in cold conditions.

2. Flesh Chicken Testicles

Flesh Chicken Testicles
Flesh Chicken Testicles

KFC offers different types of chicken on the menu, but you will have to seek other places in China to find chicken testes. These juicy treats would increase masculine strength and improve a woman’s skin tone. They are readily available in both black and pink, and their size varies from one to two inches long.

Their intestines contain meat that they make like sausages. They are lightly cooked to keep them soft, and juice will drip into your mouth when you take the first bite. After cooking or frying the chicken testicles, they will have a mild taste and are best served with rice, noodles, or even both.

3. Bat Soup

Bat Soup
Bat Soup

It would be negligent under these circumstances to exclude bat soup from the most sickening foods the Chinese Eat. And while bat food is unlikely to be the cause of the current Wuhan flu pandemic, it has certainly been put in the spotlight as a result. Bat soup contains a whole bat in a soup bowl after cooking with chicken stock.

The bat is sliced with a knife and fork, and the stock is then eaten with a spoon, along with the intestines of the creature. Bat’s hair is present in the diet, along with the diaphragms of the bat’s wings.

The diet is said to be quite tasty, but we have to conclude that it is very unattractive to see a whole bat floating in front of us. The small animals are also capable of carrying several human infectious diseases, and the practice is regarded as untenable by many conservation organizations.

4. Bird Spit Soup

Bird Spit Soup
Bird Spit Soup

One of the most disputable weird foods the Chinese eat is bird’s nest soup, and this well-known soup is made from the nest of a swiftlet. This little bird is common in Southeast Asia and lives in dark caves like a bat. Their nests are made of their own gummy saliva produced by the glands under their tongue. The saliva solidifies when they are exposed to the air.

The usual way to cook bird’s nest soup is to steam it slowly after immersing it in water. The structure of the nest is soft like jelly, but it doesn’t have much flavor. The taste is not what the locals come back for this soup every day, but it’s the advantages that draw the Chinese. If the soup is eaten frequently, it is supposed to help maintain youth and promote a healthy life and a strong body.

5. Balut dish

Balut dish
Balut dish

Balut is Chinese food that was introduced in the 17th century to the Philippines. Many of us eat eggs in one form or another without even doubting it because they are not used and have a lot of nutritious advantages for our lives. The people of China, along with other countries, eat eggs in a very distinct way, known as balut. Balut is a partly developed chicken or duck egg that is incubated between 14 and 21 days before being cooked and eaten.

Balut is a widely popular street diet that can be spotted at many roadside markets. It may sound sick to eat a semi-developed duck, but this food is considered a delicacy in many places such as China. The fertilized egg is cooked for about 25 minutes and eaten while still warm. The egg yolk portion is considered rich and creamy with a generally mild taste, and some eggs contain edible bones and feathers that (according to local people’s beliefs) make the men who eat them appear more masculine.

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