15 things you should never apologize for

Tell me, how often do people around you try to teach you how to live? We are, in a sense, a lost generation, because it is still difficult for us to defend our rights and interests. On this occasion, we decided to make a list of things for you that strangers shouldn’t poke their noses into.

The famous philosopher Erich Fromm has a good book – “A man for himself.” Now, of course, we are not talking about philosophy, but Fromm’s thoughts on the purpose of man are more relevant than ever. Where does our freedom, personal life, and the right to choose to begin and end? Our generation is humble and shy. True, sometimes it seems that we have even too good an upbringing? Excessively. And this upbringing often prevents us from “being for ourselves.”

Personal life

Oh, a stumbling block for those who like to discuss neighbours on the bench! However, in fact, no one should care if you signed with your boyfriend or live in a civil marriage.

Maybe you still live with your parents altogether, although you are already a little over thirty? So what! This is your business. Live the way you like and don’t listen to anyone.

Life priorities

Graduated from your studies, but decided not to go to university, but to go to work? After receiving your diploma, did you travel around the world? No matter what you do, you are still right – simply because this is your life, and you have every right to set your own priorities in it. Each person is unique, and each person has their own path.

Actions and decisions

Did you not give a change to the poor man at the church and you were condemned by those around you? It’s just their problem! Do not pay attention to other people’s nagging. If you are not sorry, if there is no regret in your soul, then there is no need to apologize for your actions and your decisions.

Because otherwise, it will be just hypocrisy. An insincere apology will not heal the “wounds” of exceptionally offended people.


Don’t like loud parties? Do you prefer a good book and a cosy home chair? It’s fine. Of course, in our society, for some reason, people who are comfortable alone with themselves are considered rude, asocial, and generally arrogant.

But why do we need someone else’s and a deliberately prejudiced opinion? Do not even think to explain yourself for what is good for you and in the company of yourself!

Disagreement with other people’s beliefs

All people are different. It doesn’t even need to be proven. Therefore, it is normal that we all have different views on life, priorities, and values. If you disagree with someone else’s beliefs, this is not a reason to apologize or feel guilty.

Of course, people do not like it when someone has a different opinion from the generally accepted (and, in fact – the most widespread). But no one should ask for forgiveness for this.


Did they say no instead of yes? Indeed, the ability to refuse and not feel the pressure of conscience is a special art that most people learn all their lives. But a tremendous success awaits those who are not afraid to listen to themselves, refuse, if it’s better, and act in their interests.


Blue hair, tattoos, custom lenses? Appearance is a way to express yourself, your personality. The concept of beauty is an ancient

subject of controversy, so only fools are taken to judge it.

Be yourself, and don’t let other people lower your self-esteem!

Food preferences

Sugar-free coffee, fish, and cucumbers? Well, everyone has their quirks, what can I say! However, this is also not a reason to apologize. Each person gives preference to one or another product.

This, by the way, depends, among other things, on his physiology. And you are certainly not to blame for the fact that you cannot eat any dishes.

Intimate life

This is a taboo topic for the people around you! Once they’ve found out about your s3x life, you still don’t have to apologize. It doesn’t matter what they think of you.

You are an adult in a relationship with another equally mature person, so why should you be shy or make excuses for this? Everyone gets pleasure in a way that turns out to be preferable for him. If only it were legal.

Career choice

Are you not married? Not having children? Have you chosen a career? That’s good. There are already nearly eight billion people on Earth. Therefore, we can allow ourselves to live as our heart and calling dictate – without regard to instincts.

The same goes for choosing a profession. Not a lawyer, but a freelance artist? Well, you don’t bother anyone with this, right? Then why ask forgiveness here?

Political and religious views

There is a rule of etiquette: do not talk at the table about health, politics, and religion. You can be a Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Anarchist, Catholic, Muslim, or Orthodox.

This is only your own business.

Absence of a partner

Some people feel good about being alone. Family and traditional relationships are not for everyone. But our society is not yet ready to freely accept such a life choice.

If you, however, do not need a partner, you do not have to make excuses to the people around you because of such a decision.


To go or not to go on a date is also solely your decision. Sometimes we make concessions and agree to meetings out of pity. However, this is a mistake.

Listen to yourself: if you understand that the person is not yours, you should not “powder his brains.” This is impolite and unethical. Think about how you can correctly refuse a date.


So, you still decided on a family. However, what’s next? Will you have children or not? Who is the boss in your family? Does your husband earn less than you?

All this is not a reason for excuses or excuses to people. Don’t be led by stereotypes and social stigmas. Each situation is unique!

Choosing a partner

Married not to a millionaire, but an ordinary worker? Allow yourself to fall in love with a poor artist by rejecting a promising banker? Lawless Heart. And in this strange, hypocritical world, there is only one thing left for us: to be honest, at least about ourselves. In any case, the advice is this: live your life, go your own unique way. And don’t let strangers tell you what to do!

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