You should never say these things to your girlfriend

Of course, we can’t lump all women together, but there are undoubtedly several points that almost no woman will be happy with. So gentlemen, pay attention. We can be honest in our opinion but beware of these things.

Something negative about her weight

Okay, it may sound very cliché and obvious, but this is just really a no-go. And if you think you’re going to make up for it with a comment like ‘there’s more to love,’ then you can forget it altogether. So please think carefully before saying anything about her weight or those few extra pounds.

You can’t even tell her what she can and can’t eat. If she feels like a burger, let her dream away in that guilty pleasure.

Something about her beautiful friends

Of course, you can give a compliment about the appearance of one of her best friends, that should be possible. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. If you regularly tell your girlfriend that you find one of her friends attractive, it can get on her nerves.

And somewhat rightly so. We honestly wouldn’t like it if she started being too flirty with one of your friends.

Something about her ‘unkind’ parents or friends

In the ideal situation, you are excellent friends with all her parents and friends. But it may be that you have no connection at all with the people around her. As long as you don’t come second all the time, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. After all, we are all adults, and a good conversation should be feasible. And if you don’t like each other like that, try to find out why and come to a solution.

Silence doesn’t help

This is perhaps the worst of all. Often appearing disinterested when she asks will only make her feel like you don’t appreciate her. Even though it may be about her new dress – which may not interest you at all – respond honestly and show interest.

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