5 celebrity couples who almost reached the altar but parted

It seemed that the time had come to pick up a wedding dress, draw up guest lists and discuss the celebration menu. But something went wrong. Shortly before the joyful event, the lovers suddenly announce that they have decided to disperse.

What was the reason for this decision? In some cases – uncertainty in the relationship, in others – information about treason, or maybe just a future relative did not come to the court in the family? One way or another, let’s figure it out on a case-by-case basis.

1. Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Jude Law and Sienna Miller
©glamour – Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Initially, few believed in this novel. But fate cannot fool – the flared-up feelings soon led to the departure of the handsome Jude from the family. His wife, Sadie Frost, gave birth to their third child shortly before the appearance of the lovemaker, but even this did not help keep the womanizer. Unexpectedly for the public, the affair of the eminent actor and aspiring model and actress on the set of the movie “Alfie.” after that led to an engagement announcement. Jude so carries away by rehearsals of the role that he seriously lost his head.

He gave his beloved an engagement ring and a trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day, two purebred puppies, and a house in London. Sienna almost felt like “Mrs. Lowe” when a scandal broke out in the press. Journalists learned about the intimate relationship of a loving man with the nanny of his children. The actress, perhaps, would have tolerated this, attributing everything to regular gossip, but Jude publicly admitted this. So there was no need to think about a future wedding.

2. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
©Elle – Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

And now about how rapidly relationships can develop. Even in another way: the actor and the singer dived headlong into a relationship, announcing their engagement a month after they met. And these were not empty words – the ring for 100 thousand dollars spoke about the seriousness of intentions. Soon the lovers began to live together. They exchanged cute souvenirs, dedicated several tattoos to each other, and shared photos on social networks. At the same time, Ariana more than once defended her groom from the attacks of her fans, when the groom sometimes showed a peculiar sense of humor.

That is, in all senses, it seemed that the young couple was severe. But four months after the announcement of the engagement, the bride and groom announced their separation. Close sources explain that the 25-year-old singer and the 24-year-old actor concluded they were in a hurry. “They are canceling the wedding, but they still love each other,” was the comment. Insiders explain this by the fact that the couple did not pass the test of trust. The truth is that shortly before that, Mac Miller, Ariana’s former lover, with whom she had been dating for two years, suddenly died. The girl was so shocked that she canceled the concerts and asked her fans for a sabbatical. In one way or another, but this wedding, not destiny to become the event of the year.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt
©Russh – Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

Everything is like in the movies – young and attractive Gwyneth and Brad were pierced by the arrow of the mischievous Cupid on the set of the film “Se7en”, where they had to play spouses. Falling in love lasted three years. All Hollywood admired the beauty and harmony of this couple. Brad proposed to his beloved, and the tabloids were already betting on which designer dress the bride would prefer. But the surprise was the scanty message about their separation. Moreover, neither the actor nor the actress has voiced a valid reason for their decision.

In 2017, Gwyneth gave an extensive interview to reporters, where this topic was among the questions. However, the film star limited herself to lengthy discourses about the mistakes of her youth, her nasty character, and praises to her former lover. So again, the veil of secrecy not open. However, knowledgeable people say that Gwyneth’s whims are just excuses, and the reason lies elsewhere. Rumor has it that the girl’s parents – film director Bruce Paltrow and famous actress Blythe Danner – wanted a richer and more representative groom for their 19-year-old baby.

4. Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergstrom

Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergstrom
©pinterest – Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergstrom

Gone are the days when princesses married only by their position. The charming lawyer Jonas Bergström became the beloved of the youngest daughter of King Carl XVI of Sweden. For eight years of Princess Madeleine’s relationship with him, the noble family managed to look closely at the future relative and approve the upcoming marriage. The wedding report to journalists and the royal court, but the whole of Sweden was preparing and rejoicing for the forthcoming event. After all, the beautiful and kind Madeleine was everyone’s favorite, and her choice of a “mere mortal” as a groom impressed all the inhabitants of the kingdom.

But other events showed that the girl was mistaken. It turned out that the man was unable to remain faithful – while vacationing at a ski resort, he spent the night with a confident Tora Uppstrom Berg, about which the latter told the press. So the dissolution of the engagement was announced by the Royal Court of Sweden, citing as the reason the banal “desire of Madeleine and Jonas to go further in different ways.”

5. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
©Elle – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

A beautiful couple, whose romance, as their movie characters, also began while working on the film. They watch each other with loving eyes not only on the set, appeared together at social events, kissed, and spent a weekend together. Robert even bought a mansion and was seriously planning to build a family nest. However, in July 2012, the paparazzi caught the actress during a passionate kiss with the film director “Snow White and the Huntsman” Rupert Sanders. Of course, the expected break followed. After a while, Kristen and Robert tried to renew their relationship, but the broken vase is challenging to glue – in May 2013, journalists filmed Robert taking his things from Stewart’s house.

Nonetheless, there were murmurs in the media that this was a PR move by the creator of the popular Twilight franchise. When the tabloid asked for a public explanation of the situation, Kristen answered the question, “Do you think that’s how I live my life?” She also admitted that she fell in love with Robert during those years and that the relationship seemed to be the most important in her life. Kristen also shared that she could have married him, but, according to her, she was never a traditional girl and didn’t make an effort to build her own life.4

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