5 signs you are unhappy in your relationship

Love can make you feel like the luckiest person on the planet but isn’t always a bed of roses. You and your partner may sometimes have some problems, and this is completely normal. You say this, and you continue. But what if this settles into a daily routine and even makes you unhappy?

Am I still happy in my relationship?

A strange feeling in your stomach, only being able to think about her and not getting a bite down your throat. Have you never been in love?. Throughout the relationship, the extreme feeling of infatuation disappears little by little, and “loving” occurs.

While it is common to have an occasional discussion with your partner, this should not become a habit that seems to repeat itself every minute. Do you get mental or even physical complaints? Then it could just be that this has to do with an unhealthy relationship. We give you 5 signs that show if you are unhappy in your relationship.

You are not comfortable in your skin

Sometimes little is needed, and you don’t feel comfortable in your skin. The happy feelings in a relationship can boost you; it works the opposite in an unhappy relationship. Do you feel that your partner is making you insecure and have little desire to do things, and have you already discussed this several times with your partner? Then it’s time to act.

In a situation that seems to repeat itself over and over, it might be better to end your relationship. In addition, you could always consider calling in an experienced expert if you cannot work it out together.

You expect your partner to change themselves

Let’s make one thing clear: you can’t change the other, no matter how much you want to. This is also one of the most common mistakes that can completely ruin a relationship. Incidentally, you can express irritations to each other.

It is then up to your partner whether he/she wants to adapt to this. Think about why you want to change the person you fell in love with. Don’t you fit together? Then you are most likely happier with someone else.

You get irritated by everything your partner says

Do you irritate your partner immensely, and do you have no explanation for this? Then it could just be that the necessary dose of love has run out, and you are unhappy in your relationship.

This kind of irritation can manifest itself in anger or avoidance behavior, which is anything but beneficial for you and your partner. Do you know where the irritations come from? Then you might consider talking about it.

When your partner knows what bothers you, he/she can do something about it. Does nothing change about the situation, and do you continue to irritate yourself? Then it is wise to take a step back, to find out what you are really looking for in a partner.

You fantasize about others

Let’s face it, guys: everyone daydreams about intimacy with another person from time to time. And this is very normal, by the way. Thoughts arise, and if all is well, they go away on their own. Are you often imagining a life without your partner and no longer longing for intimacy? Then the red alarm bells start ringing, and you have to be honest with yourself.

The relationship is no longer as it used to be. Do you have different desires than your partner? Then say this so that there is some tension under the sheets again.

A nervous and uncomfortable feeling in your body

Although you may notice that you are unhappy in your relationship with your emotions, physical complaints can also occur. Unhappy relationships can cause a lot of stress, and your body will react to that immediately.

While everyone suffers from a stiff neck from a busy week at work, these symptoms can be, it’s good to observe where it comes from. Do you have many discussions and arguments with your partner, and does this cost you a lot of energy?

Then it is wise to check whether you want this. You are not meant to literally and figuratively become exhausted and lose yourself over time.

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