9 ways to deal with someone who pisses you off

Sometimes it seems that our blood boils when we meet and communicate with people whom we hate for one reason or another. But how do you handle people that pisses you off?

This could be your work colleague, boss, teacher, neighbour, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, or other relatives.

Even as adults, we are sometimes silent, but in secret, we want to express everything that we think about him.

In such life situations, the most challenging thing is to find the best behaviour option, because for this you need to work hard on yourself.

The person who annoys you will not change. It’s one thing when it comes to a habit, like leaving things out of place or having terrible preferences in music. It is an entirely different matter regarding the character of a person whose traits you hate.

Get ready; you will soon discover some strategic tips and tricks to help you deal with annoying people. Of course, all situations are individual, but there are several universal tricks on acting and disarm annoying people.

What to do if someone annoys you

Can’t take it anymore? Have a ready-made strategy

It would help if you always had a plan ready for reacting when you see someone unpleasant to you, and this plan should be adhered to. To begin with, try to think about yourself and “test” yourself by taking a deep breath.

When the unpleasant person starts interacting with you, try to take a deep breath and visualize how you send your breath through your whole body, dissolving any physical tension that you are holding onto.

Many unpleasant emotions “hide” in the chest, throat and shoulders. Disarm your body and stop preparing for the “attack”“. The constant borderline state only poisons your body with stress hormones.

What to do if a person pisses me off? kindness is a great weapon

Some people are annoying because they love stroking others against the grain. They may be narcissists, they may have unresolved problems, and they may be insane in the end. The great thing about kindness is that:

  • You come out a winner. Kindness disarms.
  • You fill yourself with positive energy even when you have to feign kindness.
  • You can’t find fault with yourself.
  • You look nice.
  • You are in control of the situation.

A short conversation will help

When an unpleasant person enters the room, strike first, say: “Hi _, how are you?” Add a friendly smile to that. Thus, you will instantly set the tone.

When a person starts doing something that annoys you, for example, is interested in your personal life, tell him something completely superficial: “You are so funny” or “Come on?”

If this is your boss and he humiliates you, respond with a very neutral, disarming statement, for example, “Yes, of course, everything is clear.”

Compliments for those who piss you off

When the person starts to get on your nerves very strongly, and you realize that you are ready to explode, try to surrender to the feeling of disappointment and disarm the interlocutor. Say something like, “I understand your point of view” or “Oh, thanks for sharing. “

You don’t have to be 100% sincere, but often annoying people want to be heard and understood – it helps them compensate for something.

It’s good to have an ally

If you are dealing with an unpleasant person, try to be alone with him. Go into the room with a colleague, determine the time of breaks so as not to run into him, and special projects he does not participate in.

If this person is in your field of vision, try to distract yourself by tapping your foot or taking notes. You can also imagine watching this person speak on TV; removing them from your reality is an excellent way to eliminate the problems associated with their presence.

Don’t take it personally

The only person who can make you feel bad is yourself. Do you think you give a lot to others? Take all the energy you usually spend on those who annoy you and use it for your good.

Imagine yourself surrounded by a glowing shield. If a person takes energy from you when they are around, disconnect from them. Don’t let such people into your energy field.

Present the person as simple and insignificant

We allow people who annoy us to have too much power over us. It could be your boss who constantly scolds you and makes you feel like a bit of a person.

Try to play one game with yourself. Imagine the person you don’t like in a different light. They may look big and mean at work, but they may be wearing a fluffy flannel jumpsuit when they come home. After all, they’re human too, aren’t they?

Know how to “cool down” correctly

Burn everything that has accumulated using healthy techniques.

Do you train in the gym? Use the accumulated anger and irritation while lifting the bar, for example, or hitting the bag. It is better to get healthily rid of negative emotions, and in no case do not accumulate them.

Understand and forgive

If you hate a person, his voice annoys you, he constantly distracts you, or he is continuously drawn to discuss bad news. This person is an energetic vampire from whom negative emotions emanate; try to sympathize with him.

Think, for example, “Maybe he/she is trying too hard to please the employer or trying to fit into the team. Maybe the person does not know how to interact with others and does not understand me. “

Look at such a person with compassion. Accept its flaws. Having done this, chances are that every time he says something or does something that previously infuriated you, it will only make you smile. If the person says something unpleasant, use it as fuel to become even stronger.

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