Beware! these are the 6 phrases of a trouble-free woman

A woman with complexes, fears, and doubts is easily manipulated. She is easy to use to achieve goals: in her desire to please everyone, it is as if she does not notice her mistakes. Low self-esteem makes a woman defenseless about other people.

Let’s talk about the six phrases that often can be heard from a woman without fail. Perhaps you recognize these phrases from some of your friends or acquaintances.

“No problem”

It is difficult for a reliable woman to offend other people with refusal. In response to the most difficult requests, she always says: “No problem!”

There is a problem, and it consists in the fact that such a lady does not know how to say “no.” In her distorted consciousness sweeps: “I can be condemned or rejected if I refuse.”

“I had plans, but I will adjust them”

With such a phrase, a woman emphasizes the importance of her act. She wants to be not just docile: she seems to sacrifice her plans for the sake of others.

In addition, a reliable woman thinks this way she will seem the best in the eyes of others. One gets the impression that the person does not respect his interests.

Also, if you propose not to change your plans, such a person will say, “It’s okay.” She will firmly insist on fulfilling your request and demonstrate her excessive friendliness.

“I can do it since nobody wants to”

A reliable woman is ready for anything in this world. She can agree to go on a business trip to the ends of the world; she is entrusted with the most scandalous clients and is given a vacation in the inconvenient months.

The most interesting thing is that she offers her help. She wants to gain confidence and show others that she is ready to be irreplaceable.

“Of course, I understand that it is difficult for you, and I will take this task upon myself”

Being overly sensitive and understanding is another sign of a woman with low self-esteem. This story can be called: “Love me, I’m good.” Of course, it is good when a person sincerely wants to help. In a lady who is afraid of rejection, it is more like a desire to receive the emotional recharge.

“Nothing, I’ll wait”

This phrase is a very passive way of doing a favour and drawing attention to yourself. Such nobility makes a woman languish forever in anticipation of something wonderful.

As soon as the time comes to receive pleasant things from fate, there will immediately be someone who needs it more. And, again yielding a place in the line, she consoles herself that this is a noble deed.

“Don’t, I’ll do it myself”

A woman with complexes does not know how to accept help. She has a hard time showing that she needs something, although it is normal for someone to be eager to help you. The whole point is that she wants to seem strong and independent. She demonstrates her helplessness and ineptitude.

Such a phrase a woman does not show that she is very happy about her independence. On the contrary, the decision burdens her, and she does so not thanks to it, but despite it.

An English proverb says: “Everyone has their skeletons in the closet.” You need to work with your complexes, but you need to know them by sight for this. The first step towards solving a problem is to acknowledge that it exists. Be brave, confident, self-sufficient, and even a little proud. Learn to respect yourself and say no when needed.

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