How to make friends with yourself

Are you too hard on yourself? When was the last time you did what you want to do? If you think of yourself as the last thing, then it’s time to change something urgently. Try to build a relationship with yourself! As soon as you do this, the world around you will begin to change!

It is not for nothing that psychologists unanimously say that relationships with oneself are the most important in human life. We are often ready to do anything for the sake of loved ones and relatives while forgetting about ourselves.

We refuse to appreciate, respect and accept ourselves as we are, although we have no one closer to ourselves!

How to improve relationships with yourself?

Learning to be friends with our reflection in the mirror!

Listen to yourself and learn to defend your boundaries

Think about who most often violates your boundaries? Maybe an annoying girlfriend? Or distant relatives who, showing up once a year, teach you about life?

Remember all the situations when you had to agree to do what you didn’t want, or when you tried to refuse, but you still went to meet people against your desires.

Do you allow yourself too often to be criticized and given advice? Maybe too much time is taken up by work in your life, which you have to devote even to weekends?

Stop others from trying to impose their opinions on you. Try to listen to yourself and do what is essential to you.

First, devote time to your interests, and only then get busy with work and other people’s problems. Be your priority!

2. Try to empathize with yourself and feel sorry for yourself

Is there too much you want from yourself? Maybe already enough to blame yourself for weaknesses and shortcomings? After all, do you forgive others for bad deeds or ugly behaviour? This means that we must learn to understand and sympathize, first of all, with ourselves.

You have every right to be in a bad mood and angry. Learn to find words of support and consolation for yourself! By the way, such a tactic allows you to achieve much greater success than when you scold yourself for no reason.

3. Forgive yourself

All people are far from ideal. We tend to make mistakes, do stupid things, and make mistakes that we later regret.

Forgive yourself for everything and leave criticism to others. Try to accept the fact that you are imperfect and come to terms with it.

4. Focus on the positive

Focus your thoughts and actions on things that are enjoyable and positive. It is impossible to solve some problems and struggle with difficulties all the time.

Ultimately, this will lead to physical and emotional burnout.

Positive emotions are essential for women, and only you can decide where to find their source. Do you like to play sports? Get ready and go to the hall. Do you like dancing?

Turn on your favourite music and enjoy! Even a cup of aromatic coffee and a delicious dessert can cheer you up. Such little things allow you to draw strength and inspiration to live on.

And don’t forget to learn something new! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to paint pictures? Then sign up for a trial lesson and find out what you can do! At least sometimes, choose an activity you like that will make you happy.

5. Ask yourself questions

To understand what you want, ask yourself questions more often. For example: “Am I satisfied with my job?”, “Do I like what I am doing now?”, “What do I want to eat for breakfast?”, “How do I feel now?” etc.

So you can understand yourself and gradually establish contact with yourself. Ask yourself more often what you would like at the moment. This tactic will bear fruit over time

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