Sciatic nerve inflammation: symptoms and treatment

The sciatic nerve is the largest in our body. If a person has sciatic nerve pain, it means that he has developed sciatica. Sciatica (or pinching of the sciatic nerve) is manifested by pain of varying degrees in the lumbosacral region or the butt0ck, spreading to the entire back of the thigh, lower leg, and foot. One leg can suffer from pain, and both at once. In some cases, sciatica pain may not be present, but there may be such unpleasant sensations as burning, tingling, shooting pain, numbness.

But very often, when the sciatic nerve hurts, a person cannot stand, sit, walk or even sleep. Read today about the sciatic nerve, a treatment that is indicated for sciatica. What to do when the sciatic nerve hurts, you will learn today from our article.

Sciatic nerve inflammation: symptoms

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is a lesion of the roots of the lumbosacral spine, or, in other words, the exit sites of the spinal cord. Sciatica is manifested by pain and impaired sensitivity. Why does this inflammation occur? There can be many reasons. For example, spinal injuries or diseases, hypothermia, heavy physical exertion, infections, inflammation of the joints, herniated disc.

With inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the symptoms appear as pain. The intensity and nature of the pain can be different: one-sided or two-sided. If there is no severe pain in the lower back, the person may be disturbed by tingling, burning, numbness in the sciatic nerve.

Sciatic nerve: treatment

Sciatica treatment should take into account the cause of the disease and its stage. In the acute phase, the patient is usually shown bed rest. Most doctors with pinched sciatic nerve prescribe medications (for example, ibuprofen, diclofenac )prescribe physiotherapy, massage, gymnastics, hydrotherapy.

Also used are various alcoholic tinctures (hot pepper and lilac flowers) and folk remedies.

The most popular folk remedies can be called this: knead the dough from a glass of flour and three tablespoons of honey, make a cake, and put it in the sacrum area, covered with polyethene. It would help if you kept such a cake until the morning. Surgical intervention is performed only when the pain is very severe, and nothing helps to reduce it. However, it is carried out only in the most extreme cases.

Sciatica prevention – what to do to prevent sciatic nerve inflammation

To prevent sciatica, you need to strengthen your back muscles. A person should always control his posture: keep his back straight, do not hunch over, and sit with his back tilted forward. If you have a sedentary job, get up and walk around the room regularly.

Do not lift weights, try to prevent hypothermia, do exercises to train the back muscles, and stretch the lumbar spine. For women who sometimes have back pain, it is best not to wear high-heeled shoes. The most important thing is to lead an active lifestyle.

Sciatic nerve: gymnastics to strengthen muscles

In addition to drugs, they resort to hydrotherapy, gymnastics, acupuncture, massage, and rubbing to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve. For example, rub the spine with a chestnut tincture.

The tincture is prepared as follows: the horse chestnut is rubbed together with the shell, ½ cans are poured with 70% alcohol (to the brim).

The jar is closed and left in a sunny place for 5 days. Then add 1 g of camphor (powder), 1 tsp to the tincture. powder of ammonium chloride and purified sulfur. The tincture is left for another two days, periodically turning the jar over. On the 7th day, 1 tbsp is added to the mixture turpentine.

The sciatic nerve compound is ready. After rubbing, wrap your back in a warm scarf. In the treatment of the sciatic nerve, gymnastics is very effective. It improves the blood supply to the nerve, prevents the development of adhesions, and prepares a person for the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life again.

However, gymnastics should be prescribed only by a doctor. It is very useful for sciatica to sunbathe and swim in warm weather, after which it is recommended to do a vigorous dry rubbing of the body.

So, when the sciatic nerve hurts when the pain is most acute, the leg should be completely at rest; therefore, the patient needs bed rest for several days. You can put a pillow under the sore leg and bend the leg slightly at the knee. If the warmth relieves the pain, place a heating pad on the lower back.

After recovery, you can not lift weights, run, jump, ride a bike. It is strictly forbidden to sit on a stone, walk bare feet on the cold floor, lie on damp ground, or overcool. That is, the legs and lower back should always be warm. You can swim in the river and the sea only if the water temperature is more than 20 degrees.

You should not be in one position for a long time. If your job is sedentary, then take a break, get up, walk around the room. In summer, during a beach holiday, you can warm your foot in the sand, in the sun. But alcoholic beverages are not recommended.

Remedial gymnastics and massage are very useful. If you follow the regimen, make sure that your leg and lower back are always warm, and lead a healthy lifestyle, then the pain will surely subside, and you will be able to enjoy life again.

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