To make a “cool” video, teenagers set their friend on fire

A young boy was hospitalized in Ukraine with severe burns after his friends sprayed him with alcohol and set him on fire. They then explained to the police that they wanted to shoot a video.

According to their own admission, Ukrainian teenagers from the Zaporozhie region wanted to make a “cool” video and decided to set their friend on fire to capture the real scene.

The events took place during the night of Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th November. In the absence of their parents, the young people gathered at one of their homes. The victim himself agreed to take part in this risky “filming”, the police said.

The 12-year-old boy was then sprayed with alcohol, after which his two friends set fire to him while filming.

“The teenagers explained that they only wanted fire without burns. They then put out the fire in the bathroom and, scared by what they did, they took him home,” says a police statement.

The victim was hospitalized with burns on 30% of his body. His friends are now facing three years in prison.

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