What do you have to do to impress a woman?

Every man probably knows this situation: you have a lovely lady in mind, and you can only think about her. In this case, you can take two actions. Do you immediately approach her and tell her what you think? Or do you think that’s just too risky? In any case, we know that nothing happens if you sit still.

To make the situation a little easier for you, we give you five things you can do to impress a woman.

A good sense of humor is key

A good sense of humor is still an aspect that will be high on the list of the average woman. Of course, it is not the intention that you come across as a clown, but you will certainly be liked with the right dose of humor.

This way, you can quickly break the ice during a first date; for example, she will quickly feel at ease with you.

Don’t be a jerk and show respect

Do you want to impress the woman of your dreams? Then don’t act like a rude, selfish jerk. A ready woman who knows her worth will never settle for a man who would constantly hurt her feelings or act like he is above everyone else.

While many women fall for the charm of a bad boy in the short term, it really won’t work in the long term. Women want to settle down with men who are sweet, loyal, and emotionally stable. Kindness and respect are a must for most women. Show that you love her and give her a good compliment now and then.

Be assertive and take initiative

Women like men with a plan for the future. Of course, you don’t have to have your life mapped out in detail, but being able to dream to some extent is extremely important for most women


In addition, showing a little initiative is also not unimportant. After all, there is nothing less attractive than a man who says, “Oh, I thought you already thought of something. I thought you wanted that.”

Guys, don’t be nervous and take the initiative. To impress a woman, don’t expect a woman to text or call you first. If you want something to happen, you have to take action.

Be confident in your shoes

Do you want a woman to fall for you like a rock? Then self-confidence is the key. Men without confidence radiate fear and need constant reassurance; this is a big turn-off. Besides that, an insecure man does not come across as attractive; it can also cost a lot of energy.

Constantly being negative and talking about your shortcomings can negatively affect the atmosphere. So don’t do this.

Show interest in her

Men put number five in your ears. To impress a woman, you have to make an effort to listen to what she has to say. When this important aspect goes wrong, it can lead to an unhealthy relationship in the future.

A man who seems uninterested better pack his things right away. Women love it when a man asks questions and shows an interest in her daily life. Show that you are genuinely interested in her and not just in what she has to offer.

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