10 common mistakes that make men ruin their relationships

Although it seems that everyone wants to convey a certain ideal image of themselves to the outside world, we can only conclude that no one is perfect. In a relationship or friendship, there will always be things that you will run into sooner or later. Making mistakes is human, but what if you could have prevented these mistakes?

It is also a shame to ruin something beautiful when this could have been prevented. To ensure you don’t cut yourself, we give you the 10 mistakes men often make that ruin their relationship with their partner.

Common mistakes that ruin your relationship

We all make mistakes, and if we are to believe, there is no avoiding them. In a relationship with your partner, you make countless choices, including thousands of opportunities to make mistakes. A wrong decision can go both ways.

You discuss it with your partner and then throw sand over it, or it ultimately gets out of hand. To make sure you walk around the two options with a big bow, we give you the 10 most common mistakes men make in a relationship.

Not really being there

When we speak of the ‘present,’ we are talking about connecting with someone, so paying attention. Many men do not realize that they are making this mistake. Are you having a night out with your girlfriend? Put your phone away for a while and leave your social media posts for a while.

Show her that she matters and that you are actually having a good time with her. Only by being truly available can you engage in meaningful, in-depth conversation. And only through those conversations can you strengthen and improve your relationship.

Humiliating and belittling

Do you ever feel stepped on, belittled, or insulted by your partner? Although many men would not admit this, this is something that happens regularly. And what do men do when they feel intimidated?

They begin to humiliate or belittle their girlfriends to “put them in their place.” If your ego gets kicked, don’t try to put it back on your partner. Telling a woman to bow or stop being “her” only backfires.

To lie

Lying is not the right choice in any situation. Speaking of one of the most common reasons for breakups, lying in a relationship is high on the list.

Even a white lie is best avoided. Nine times out of ten, it will come out anyway, and you will smash your windows. In addition, women are very good at spotting lies, so try not to break her trust.

Giving the wrong gifts

Sometimes we don’t know which is worse: not giving enough gifts or giving the wrong gifts. Giving a gift to a person can sometimes be quite personal. Do you know that you are not very good at this? Then ask for advice or think a little longer before making your purchase.

Avoid an uncomfortable or painful situation. You also want to prevent your partner from feeling hurt or perhaps bursting into tears.

Not taking the time to understand her

Not understanding your partner is a sign that you don’t care enough about your partner trying to understand her. While you may not always be on the same page, everyone can struggle to understand the other.

Do you have trouble sorting out her thoughts and feelings? Then ask her how she feels about things and what worries her. All you have to do is listen and show understanding.

Put her in second place

Putting her in second place is one of the common mistakes when it comes to ruining your relationship. Although it is pretty simple, many men seem to fail to do this. Every woman wants to come first and not be seen as a second choice.

Have you made an appointment with her? Try to blow it off as little as possible. You have other interests and friends besides your relationship, but showing her that she is your number one priority certainly doesn’t hurt.

Talking too little to her

Communication in a relationship is key. Although it can be very difficult for men to talk at times, women often have it easier. But let’s be honest, one of the reasons you’re in a relationship with someone, isn’t it because it’s nice to be around that person? Are you not much of a talker, and do your friends sometimes call you a closed book?

Change this and share something with the other. By having conversations with her, she can also get to know your more vulnerable side.

Breaking the trust

Trust is essential in any relationship. Whether this is with your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, brother, or sister. Once trust has been damaged, it is tough to regain that trust. By proceeding carefully and not making hasty decisions, you avoid a lot of misery.

Are you losing confidence? Then this can lead to a collapsed wall that you would have to rebuild from scratch or, in the worst case, a breakup.

Make her feel unsafe

Breaking the trust may be the main reason why she wouldn’t feel safe with you anymore. A woman who cannot trust her husband is a woman who does not feel good in her relationship. Does she feel unsafe in your presence?

Then you know that something is wrong. Give her the confidence and always put an arm around her where necessary. In this way, she will feel safe, and the relationship will only become stronger.

Being narcissistic

A man who is deeply absorbed in himself is doomed to ruin his relationship. The sooner you find out that life isn’t all about you, the more uncomfortable and painful situations you can avoid. Life is about the relationships you have with others.

Do you know that you sometimes have narcissistic tendencies, and do you hear this more often? Then it is wise to check and ask how these express themselves on the other.

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