10 confronting points that you are getting older

Everyone has to admit it once: you get older, and that brings inconveniences. You will probably deny it to yourself at first, but you know for sure that you are getting older for a day if you suffer from these ailments.

Both physically and mentally, you will notice that you are getting older. If you suffer from the following ailments, you better do something about it.

Sudden back pain

This is a typical complaint of someone who gets older: you notice that your back is getting heavier now and then, and therefore you have to take it easy once in a while. It may be possible that this ailment will still go away, but in general, this is the beginning of the end.

Tired quickly

Previously you could easily exercise for an hour, and then you had the idea that you could handle it for a while. However, now you are already broken after you sprint to catch the bus. Your condition slowly deteriorates over the years without you noticing it immediately. This is how you stay fit as you get older.

Skip a night at the pub for hanging out on the couch

Where before you were eager to go out with your friends, you now notice that you need a quiet evening on the couch with Netflix. Check out the best series on Netflix according to IMDb and decide what to watch.

Approaching women

If you do go to the pub, you notice that you no longer approach women so quickly. Previously, it was no problem to talk to an unknown woman. Now, however, it seems like there is a threshold. This is not necessary because there is a way that you, as an older man, remain interesting for folding.

You can no longer keep up with technological developments

Is it becoming difficult for you to control those ‘modern’ telephones these days? Or do you sometimes find it challenging to get those new complicated televisions to work? Then you are not alone, because many older people have trouble keeping up with all technological developments.


Where did you leave your phone? Which appointment did you have planned for today? This is a problem that many people face as they get older. You don’t have to be ashamed of it, and better accept that your memory will start to crumble little by little.

Receding hairline

This is perhaps one of the most painful and noticeable ailments. How you used to stand in front of the mirror to model that full head of hair with a big jar of gel, your hair routine today only consists of emergency solutions. Your hair is thinning, and you suffer from a bald crown and a receding hairline. At some point, you have to embrace it and opt for a hairstyle for men with a receding hairline.

Impaired vision

Have you never had glasses or contact lenses, and do you notice that you can see less well? This is probably due to the phenomenon called old age. Your eyes are also starting to suffer. This problem can be (partly) solved by purchasing glasses or using contact lenses. First, check which glasses suit your face shape well.

Getting anxious

Where you used to run through the whole house and drive without fear in your car, that is now different. When you go down the stairs, make sure you hold on to the handrail. When you go for a drive, you notice that you are no longer as fearless in the car as you were a few years ago.

You become less independent

This may hurt you the most, but at some point, you have to accept it. Is it challenging to do the whole household all by yourself and go to the supermarket to have enough food at home? You become less independent and can no longer do everything yourself. If you notice this, it won’t be long before home care is on your doorstep.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.

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