10 questions to ask yourself at least once in your life

How to understand yourself better and become a happy person? Learn to be honest with yourself and answer a few important, albeit difficult, questions, a list which is being offered.

10 questions to ask yourself

Ask them, and soon you will understand what exactly needs to be corrected in your life.

Do I really always want to be good for everyone, even to the detriment of my desires?

A similar desire appears in deep childhood when the child is constantly under the supervision of his parents. He wants approval and maternal affection, so the baby tries to please mom and dad. But a child can cry, be angry and naughty, and much depends on how the mother and father will react to his behaviour.

Will they be able to love their daughter or son despite bad behaviour? If so, then both the girl and the boy, when they grow up, will be able to accept and love themselves.

If parents find it challenging to endure children’s pranks and whims and deprive children of their love as punishment, then the child will soon adapt to his father and mother, and when he grows up, he will also begin to adapt to those around him. A person will still need parental love, but he will look for it in completely different ways.

Do I often feel guilty towards others?

Has guilt become an integral part of your life? This is a reason to think! If you feel guilty all the time, it means that someone is trying to manipulate you.

Allow yourself to be bad and do what you want! If you drive yourself into the box and think that you cannot live the way you want because it is as if “it is necessary” to eat, then move on to the next question …

Do I consider myself due to everyone around?

Perhaps you often think that you owe your children, parents, friends, and in general everyone around you? Remember one thing: no one owes anything to anyone!

Always rely not on the word “must” but on the word “want.” You want to help and help your parents because you have the desire and the means to do so.

You only help a colleague finish a project because you want to improve your knowledge in a particular area. You are in a relationship only because you want it, not because your parents are forced to marry you.

How do I treat children? Do I consider myself to be due to the child?

Yes, parents have a lot of responsibilities to their children. But you shouldn’t feel guilty or dissatisfied with yourself just because you are not a good enough mother. Love your baby, remembering that he gets older every day, and one day he will fly out of the nest and begin to live independently. You should learn to be happy now and be ready to continue living a fulfilling life even when your child leaves your home.

Do not waste all your time and resources on the child so that later you do not tell him that you gave him all your strength and gave him your whole life, without receiving anything in return.

Do I tend to shift responsibility to other people or situations?

Remember that we live in the here and now. Everything that is happening to us now is a consequence of the choices we once made. It is unnecessary to say that this is just such a life, and even more so to blame others for your problems.

Shifting responsibility to other people and complaining all the time allows you to just whine and do absolutely nothing to make a difference.

Remember that you are the creator of your life, so take responsibility for what happens. Stop blaming others for all your troubles.

Do I often feel sorry for myself?

Feeling sorry for ourselves, we cease to live happily. The pity follows from the previous point. Usually, a girl, blaming others for all the troubles, begins to feel sorry for herself. This takes a lot of energy that could be spent to change your life.

Do I often criticize other people and myself?

Condemnation and criticism are usually overflowing when people cannot afford the same as those whom they condemn. Happy girls do not have time for negativity and for discussing someone’s life and actions.

If you rarely judge yourself and others, then you are most likely happy. Always try to befriend your inner critic.

Can I accept myself as I am?

It’s easy to accept yourself as having a happy and contented life. What if everything is not so smooth? Are you willing to continue to love yourself when you are sad or sick, upset or angry? Accepting yourself means allowing yourself to be in different states.

What do the mistakes I make mean to me?

It’s great if you perceive your mistakes as valuable experiences that only make you stronger. People sometimes commit impartial acts and blaming yourself for them all your life is not the best thought.

You are a human being, not a robot. So allow yourself to be wrong and gain experience and wisdom.

How honest can I be with myself?

It depends on this point whether you will be happy or not. You can honestly answer yourself if everything suits you in life, and isn’t it time to change something? Congratulations, then it’s much easier for you than for the rest of the girls who will continue to lie to themselves that everything suits them but live with an unloved husband and work at a hated job.

When a woman is honest with herself, she knows what she wants and achieves it! She lives only with whom she wants and only where she wants

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