5 dangerous questions women ask men

We all know that women sometimes ask difficult questions. We also know better than anyone that we have to be very careful with this. The answer can be very sensitive. Below are five common dangerous questions that women sometimes ask a man.

What dangerous questions do women often ask men?

Insecurity often affects women. This often manifests itself in seeking confirmation from a man using dangerous questions. You better answer this as a man as best you can because otherwise, you did it. So think carefully about what you answer to the following questions before you hurt her right away.

Do you think I’m too fat?

This is, of course, an absolute classic and is regularly asked. In one way or another, this question stays in a woman’s mind forever, and it is very difficult to get this uncertainty out.

In any case, make sure that you make it clear to her that you like her the way she is and that you don’t think she’s fat at all. But here (unfortunately), the following applies: you can’t repeat it often enough!

Do you still love me?

We get that this question can make you quite annoyed because we don’t understand why you have any doubts about this. Still, women like to keep hearing this regularly, so you’ll have to deal with it.

Are you tired of the question? Then say it out yourself a little more often at random moments. This way, women don’t always have to ask for confirmation.

Do I have a big curve in this skirt?

Big curve, small bre*sts, wide hips… These are all things that can come up in these kinds of questions. Although it may sometimes seem that way, it is not always convenient to name this. It’s about wearing what she feels comfortable in and what she likes.

Emphasize the positives instead of looking for the negatives. If it is a miss, you have to be honest. After all, honesty lasts the longest, and she will appreciate it when you say it. Make sure to say that it is the garment and not her!

Will you stay with me

Of course, this question is also included. Women can be very afraid of losing you, so they prefer to hear every day that you stay with her forever. Of course, you can never know for sure because you can’t see into the future.

Yet women prefer to hear a firm yes because it still gives a good feeling. They also know that you can’t promise anything, but that yes feels very good.

Are you listening to me?

This is a really dangerous one. We all know that women can talk you out of your mind now and then, so sometimes you forget to listen.

So it’s best to listen and force yourself to do it. If it doesn’t work for a while, it is important to pretend that you have listened. Women want to feel heard.

That way, you at least know how to deal with dangerous questions from women to keep her as a friend.

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