These 5 phrases to recognize a man not ready for marriage

Most women dream of going down the aisle with their beloved men. But what if the chosen one is in no hurry with the marriage proposal? Should we expect a decisive step from him at all? Maybe you got an inveterate bachelor who will never marry you?

5 phrases that reveal a man who will never propose to you

It turns out that you need to listen carefully to what your chosen one says. Some words betray inveterate bachelors. Well, they don’t want to part with their freedom, and that’s it!

“That girl over there is very beautiful!”

If your chosen one compliments other ladies, and even in your presence, he will not marry at all in the near future. Chances are, his feelings for you are either insincere or too insignificant. If he were really in love, then he would not pay absolutely any attention to other girls.

“I don’t want children!”

For such men, the first place is usually not the family but the career. They want to realize themselves, and if you figure it out, there is nothing worse for them. But a woman next to such a partner will have oh how difficult it is because he is not ready to devote at least part of his life to someone else.

Marriage rarely enters into a man’s plans because he considers it an empty, nothing little formality. He enters into a long-term relationship, but he has no desire to legitimize them and then have children.

Of course, you can somehow force the chosen one to marry you, but is it worth doing? Both partners should desire happy marriages!

“You have no idea what a b!tch my ex-girlfriend (wife) is!”

While men may have different reasons for saying nasty things about their ex, the fact that they remember them should be alarming. Chances are, your partner still remembers their ex, and they may not break up with her very well.

With such difficult memories, it is complicated to marry a second time. Most likely, he will not make up his mind to take such a serious step yet!

“I’m always right!”

Frequent conversations about the fact that a man is not henpecked and does only what he wants to say that he does not think about creating a family. After all, a long and happy union of two people depends on the ability of each partner to find a compromise.

By the way, it is not so important whether your young man makes fun of other men, calling them henpecked, or says that he is free to do whatever he wants. Such conversations hint that he perceives women as a threat.

In his head, there is a constant struggle between who is more important, so he is in no hurry to get married. Perhaps some childhood trauma or negative conclusions left after a past relationship are to blame.

“Women are mercantile!”

All the talk that women need only money from men has long become classics of the genre. Perhaps one day, a man got caught by a girl who was only interested in the material component of the relationship.

But, most likely, all these unflattering responses to the weaker sex are the result of self-doubt, greed, as well as the presence of complexes on the topic of money. If we add a grudge against women to all this, it becomes clear that a man is not ready to marry. In the end, marriage implies that the partner will need financial investments, which he tries to avoid in every possible way.

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