Women are annoyed by these “men things”

How we men can sometimes be very annoyed by the behaviour of the opposite gender, women are also sometimes annoyed by us. Let’s face it; nobody is perfect. However, we can take into account the irritations of women. So if you want to have a better chance at meeting that one dream woman or meeting your girlfriend, check out these “men things” that annoy women:

Men who don’t ask questions

You have men who continuously talk about themselves but do not ask questions of their interlocutor. When women talk to these types of men, they usually get over it quickly. Your life probably isn’t that much more interesting than hers.

So if you want to be a good conversationalist for a woman, show interest and ask some questions. Make sure that this interest is experienced as genuine, don’t ask questions because you have to. If you want to have a good and long conversation with that nice woman, go for many open questions. This is the key to an in-depth conversation.

Men who admire themselves a little too long in the gym

As a man, you may be bothered by those women who have a duck face in many photos or pose too much. In the eyes of women, however, there is a male version of this: men constantly look at themselves in the mirror in the gym and are almost aroused by it.

Of course, you look good, and your muscles are pumped up nicely. But because the whole gym is covered with mirrors, everyone sees you looking at yourself, which looks pretty idiotic.

Men who are on their phones all the time

Especially if a woman is talking to you. This point is actually in the same vein as “men who don’t ask questions”. You show no interest, and your focus is not on the nice woman in front of you. She gets the feeling that you would rather be somewhere else, and in fact, you are with your thoughts.

This is true in a relationship as well as on a date. In a relationship, your partner may start to suspect you of secret contact with other women, which is not entirely crazy. And during a date, you better leave your phone in your pocket as much as possible; otherwise, you can forget about that second date anyway.

Men who say, “you’re not like other women”

It might seem like a good idea to say this to show that she’s special to you. Of course, a woman wants to feel special, but damn this is a cliché.

To show a girl that she is special to you, you have to develop something better. A little creativity is allowed, but you will achieve more with it in the end.

Men who never smile

This is not only annoying for women, but we also think this is a bad characteristic. People who are always serious are but exhausting. Have fun, do fun things and have a little fun. A smile on your face also ensures that you are experienced as more social.

Men who game too much

Gaming is a popular activity among men. You should keep doing this if it makes you happy. However, women generally see gaming as less interesting. So gaming in front of women isn’t necessarily the best idea.

And if you spend hours staring at that screen every day, women may see you as a game geek with not much better to do. We, therefore, recommend that you enrich yourself with other hobbies – in addition to gaming. Especially for you, we have hidden talents that women find incredibly sexy.

Men who don’t take good care of themselves

Today’s modern man pays more attention to his appearance than ever before, and that’s a good thing in our view. You don’t have to go through with this. For example, women find it unattractive when their eyebrows are tighter than hers. However, this is always better than doing nothing at all about your appearance.

Make sure you wear clean clothes and pay enough attention to your hygiene. Just as we can appreciate that women do something about their appearance, the same applies the other way around.

Men who forget dates

By this, we don’t just mean your date night; it concerns all appointments. For example, you mustn’t forget the birthday of your in-laws. A woman likes it when you get on well with her family and friends. Show interest here too.

Go with your partner to those family birthdays or fun evenings with her friends and their friends. This way, you get closer to people in her immediate environment and her.

Men who can’t talk about their feelings

This is a thing. We men have quite a knack for keeping our feelings to ourselves. So guys, get the following in mind: you’re not a pussy if you can talk about your feelings, quite the contrary! This shows that you can open up and feel comfortable with them. You don’t have to burst into tears when you talk about your feelings, but being honest about your feelings should work.

Men who don’t look at women

You have those men who, when talking to women, suddenly start looking in all directions. Upwards, downwards, the eyeballs shoot in all directions. However, they are hardly ever focused on your interlocutor. When you talk to someone, look at them.

You don’t have to stare into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes; that’s creepy. But occasionally looking into that person’s eyes? Besides, making a lot of eye contact is a sign that she is most likely into you.

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