This extraordinary necklace eliminates coronavirus present in the air

The Moskitofree company, originally specialized in the fight against malaria, has developed a technology to protect itself from the coronavirus present in the air. Its portable case eliminates 93.5%, reports Le Parisien.

Moskitofree, a young company based in the Yvelines, has developed an “air cleaner”, a small box worn around the neck killing the coronavirus in suspension around us, reports Le Parisien.

The company gives the Institut Pasteur de Lille (Nord) logo on its packaging, which has tested the product. According to Moskitofree, this box and the integrated technology allow you to be protected against 93.5% of the coronavirus present in the air, in the space of two square meters around you.

Moskitofree President Aline Menin and Christophe Giovannetti, co-creator and developer, assure that this necklace, combined with barrier gestures, could save thousands of lives.

Moskitofree was originally oriented towards the fight against malaria, which is transmitted by mosquito bites.

“We saw, during tests at the Pasteur Institute in Casablanca (Morocco), that mosquitoes were attracted by the smell emitted by the human body. By emitting an electrical charge around the body, the particles that humans give off fall to the ground. It’s a chemical reaction. The mosquito is disoriented,” explains Christophe Giovannetti.

The virus tackled to the ground by an electric shock

The same technology, dubbed Aeriashield, was used by the company to fight the coronavirus. It was adopted when scientists confirmed the virus was in the air. Ozone, “the best disinfectant possible,” and rare mineral material that producers keep secret have been added to their case.

According to the developer, the case emits a small electrical charge, combined with ozone, slabs the virus on the ground.

The product, which provides 20 hours of battery life, is made in China and sold for 79 euros in pharmacies or on the Yveline company’s website.

The company produces 400,000 necklaces per month, and production is limited due to a lack of raw materials.

“This production rate suits us, we are both over 60 years old. It is now up to a government or a large industrial group to offer us help,” concludes the president.

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