Signs you’re more attractive than you think

Are there some signs that your’re more attractive than you think? yes there are! If you still feel insecure and struggle with the question of what others think of you, don’t despair.

The chances are that there is no reason for your insecurity. We often think that the way we present ourselves determines the way others treat us. This is not entirely unjustified, by the way. Research shows that the first impression determines how others will treat you.

Signs you’re more attractive than you think

Am I attractive or not?

8 reasons why you are much more attractive than you think

Based on the above, you might ask yourself whether you are indeed attractive enough. However, it is not only about the number of compliments you receive. It is much more important to pay attention to the signals others are giving you. We explain exactly how to do that in 8 handy examples that will let you know that you are more attractive than you think.

Lack of compliments

You’ve probably bought something that you thought would get you a flood of compliments. In practice, this turns out not to be the case. You do get compliments, but often less than you had hoped.

This is not because you don’t look good. In many cases, people see that you are attractive, so why should you emphasize that again?

Compliments feel unwelcome

If you do get compliments, it is more likely to come across as a formality. People tend to make comments about your appearance that sound very formal.

Chances are that such compliments are superficial because they think you look good anyway. Think about it: do you shower your most attractive acquaintances with compliments? Probably not.

Strangers staring at you

Does it annoy you when strangers stare at you or pay you extra attention? Chances are, this means that you are attractive! Check it out for yourself.

When someone walks by who you find frightening or strange – however awkward this may sound – you will not stare at them for very long. On the other hand, you will look at someone a little longer if they are eye candy.

People seek contact quickly

Apart from the visual aspect, the way people react to you is probably an even better indicator. Do you get in touch with others easily, or do others approach you quickly? Good! Another indication that you are more attractive than you think.

In many cases, people like to connect you with someone they find attractive. In short, every reason to get rid of that uncertainty.

People behave differently around you

Do you think you make other people nervous, or has someone ever looked very surprised when you approached them? In many cases, attractiveness can be intimidating.

So if you notice other people behaving strangely in your company, it could be a good indication that they find you attractive.

People are surprised by your insecurities

You may find it hard to believe that you are attractive despite all the signs. But you are not alone. It is often attractive people who are insecure about their own appearance.

So if you often hear that people react surprised when you talk about your own insecurities, this is another indication that it is not that bad.

People react strongly to your presence

If you are attractive, people may have a positive or negative attitude towards you. Some may be overly friendly when you first meet them, while you may notice a form of jealousy in others.

Either way, the reason why most people react so strongly to you is probably that they find you attractive. If you notice such extreme reactions, this means that you are attractive.

You have your pick of dates

Probably the best indication that there is no reason to be insecure: you have a date lined up in no time. If your periods of singleness are limited, there is only one explanation for this: people are quickly interested in you. In short, you are in the market—all the more reason to stop doubting yourself.

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