6 reasons men often have it harder after a divorce

Of course, everyone has a hard time after a divorce. Someone who has been a part of your life for a large part of your life suddenly disappears when you divorce. Although it is often better, it is very hard for both parties to divorce without reason because you do not divorce without reason.

Why do men have it hard after divorce

Yet, statistically speaking, men often have it even harder than women. This is, of course, for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons.

They often receive less support

The first, and certainly not unimportant, the reason is that men often receive less support. In general, there is more pity for the woman than for the man. Of course, this also depends a bit on the man and the woman herself.

This is because women are often more open about their feelings and because of this, others know better what is going on with them. As a result, they often receive more support.

Courts are more likely to favor mothers for custody arrangements

In the event of a divorce (which is a bit more serious ), the court must decide on the guardianship arrangements. This includes, for example, the number of days the children spend with one parent and the number of days they spend with the other parent.

In general, we see that the children are often placed with the mother for more days, which is not always pleasant for the father.

Men are more often the ones who have to move

In addition, men are statistically more likely to leave the house. They will have to find a new home, while women

are often at least until the 18 years age of the children in the same house, with the children, should continue living.

Sharing a pension with the ex-wife

What also sometimes happens is that men have to share their pensions with their ex-wives. This is because men often work most of the time, while women take care of the children at home.

As a result, women are sometimes financially dependent on their husbands, which means they have built up a smaller pension. As a result, men sometimes have to share their pensions.

Men’s health often deteriorates after a divorce

Research also suggests is that men’s health often declines after a divorce. This happens for several reasons. First because, according to research, men are twice as likely to suffer from depression. This shows how huge the impact a divorce can have on a man.

Men are usually obliged to pay alimony

In addition, men often have to pay compulsory alimony. Although they naturally like to support their children financially, this can still be a considerable expense that suddenly adds up. As a result, they have to work more, for example, which can cause more stress.

A divorce is very hard for both parties. Statistically speaking, the reasons mentioned earlier make it just a bit harder for the man, but of course, it is terrible for both parties.

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