If you want to be healthy, then forbid yourself to eat these foods

Delicious food is one of the primary sources of human pleasure. Hamburgers, fried steaks, ice cream, cakes, sugary sodas are an integral part of life for many of us.

But as much as food can be delicious, it can be harmful. It is not for nothing that today, more and more attention is paid to healthy nutrition that can prolong youth and avoid many health problems.

Let’s talk about the most harmful products, from the use of which nutritionists and doctors are unanimously urging to refuse!

French fries

The crispy and flavorful French fries flavored with gravy are a favorite snack for many.

Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you pamper yourself with deep-fried potatoes once a month. But if this happens more often – expect the consequences!

First, French fries are high in trans fats, contributing to the formation of bad cholesterol that clogs blood vessels.

Secondly, this product has a high glycemic index, which leads to an increase in insulin content in the body.

Thirdly, sunflower oil, repeatedly heated to high temperatures, releases carcinogenic substances that poison our bodies.

Conclusion: if you cannot live without French fries, do not be lazy and cook it at home, using a fresh portion of vegetable oil every time!

And, of course, try to minimize the use of this high-calorie product that contributes to a set of extra pounds.

Ketchup and mayonnaise

Today it isn’t easy to imagine the refrigerator of many of our compatriots without these products. But in vain!

Mayonnaise contains many fats and genetically modified oils, which will “reward” you with extra pounds, provoke a blockage of blood vessels, and disrupt the functioning of the liver and stomach. And this is not to mention artificial flavor enhancers, dyes, and preservatives that can trigger allergies and gastritis.

Ketchup has not gone far from mayonnaise in terms of the degree of “usefulness”. In addition to emulsifiers and other artificial additives that make this product tasty, it contains large amounts of sugar, which increases the risk of obesity and hypertension.

If you want to stay healthy but are not ready to give up mayonnaise or ketchup, prepare these products at home from quality raw materials!

Soy sauce

Soy sauce could well be called a useful product is made from high-quality products and in compliance with technological processes.

BUT! Most manufacturers make soy sauce by cheap hydrolysis while flavoring the soy sauce with GMOs and preservatives. As a result, the consumer receives a high-calorie product with a mass of preservatives and substances hazardous to health.

Plus, soy sauce contains a lot of salt, which raises blood pressure and dehydrates the body!

Packaged juices

It has been proven that only freshly squeezed juice is the most useful!

Packaged juices, even if they contain initially natural ingredients, during production and storage lose not only their beneficial properties but also their taste. Therefore, manufacturers do not hesitate to add flavorings to them.

As a result, we get a juice consisting mainly of water, sugar, flavor enh ancers, and other artificial additives.


Potato chips contain the least amount of fats, carbohydrates, and chemical catalysts – more than enough!

Allergies, vascular blockages, impaired immunity, obesity, liver damage, and even the development of food addiction – this is not a complete list of what regular consumption of chips can lead to!

Energy Bars

Protein and energy bars from the category of sports nutrition confidently migrate to the shelves of ordinary supermarkets. At the same time, manufacturers declare that this product is beneficial and safe for health. However, this is debatable!

Yes, the protein content of energy bars is high. But there are no less harmful ingredients, including sugar, artificial flavors, fats, and sweeteners.

In addition, energy bars may contain sugar alcohols, which can cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea (this is especially true for low sugar or carbohydrates bars).

Excessive obsession with protein bars can contribute to weight gain.

Finally, during the manufacturing process, this product goes through a rather complex technological processing, and we know that the basis of a healthy diet is natural, unprocessed, whole foods.


Every day we are told from TV screens that we should start our day with a nutritious and balanced breakfast, namely with cereal with milk or yogurt.

But, unfortunately, there are very few valuable cereals in this product, which cannot be said about refined carbohydrates, sugar, dyes, flavor enhancers, and aromas.

In addition, during flakes and snacks, they lose almost all of their useful properties, but they acquire calorie content and fat content. As a result, these products do more harm than good, impairing the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and provoking obesity.

Advice! Wake up 20 minutes early to make yourself and your kids fresh and healthy oatmeal with fruit for breakfast! And forget about cereals!

Carbonated sweet drinks

The assertion that certain types of sweet carbonated water are useful because they contain medicinal substances and plants could have a basis, if not for one significant.

In addition to nutrients, sugary carbonated drinks contain sugar, dyes, preservatives, and flavor enhancers.

Daily use of such drinks destroys the stomach lining, damages tooth enamel, provokes serious allergic reactions, and is addictive.


Although margarine resembles butter in appearance and taste, it cannot be compared with the latter in its benefits.

Margarine is a processed food that contains high levels of high-calorie and toxic trans fats that damage the walls of blood vessels and increase bad cholesterol levels, which significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, not to mention allergic reactions.

Butter with a fat content of at least 80% also contains fats, but healthy for the body. In addition, the composition of butter (please do not confuse with a spread) contains vitamins of various groups.

Of course, high-quality butter is 2 – 3 times more expensive than margarine or spread, but saving, in this case, can cost you your health!

Low-fat yogurt

You can’t argue with the fact that natural yogurts are good for your health. But this is not the case for store-bought products that contain minimal (if any) probiotics.

The fact is that during pasteurization, all the beneficial microorganisms that we expect to get by using yogurts die.

Low-fat yogurts deserve special attention, in which sugar, flavorings, and flavor substitutes are added to improve the taste, for which healthy fats are responsible.

Advice! When buying yogurt, please pay attention to its shelf life: the shorter it is, the more likely it is that the product contains natural and beneficial microorganisms.

Ice cream

This product can be tasty and healthy if it is made from natural ingredients: milk, cream, and natural sweeteners.

Unfortunately, modern ice cream producers are more concerned with economic benefits than the product’s high quality. Therefore, in the end, we have inexpensive, unhealthy, and not always tasty ice cream, consisting of sugar, artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives, palm and coconut oils (the latter are converted into harmful trans fats during the heating and thickening process).

Microwave popcorn

Watching any movie or TV series becomes more enjoyable if you have popped popcorn at hand, “enriched” with salt or sugar, flavor substitutes, flavors, and dangerous fats that turn into carcinogens when fried.

In addition, the packages that sell microwave popcorn are coated with perfluorooctanoic acid, a carcinogen that is used to coat Teflon pans. This substance causes infertility, liver and kidney disease, and increases the risk of developing cancer. Remember this when your hand reaches for the next batch of popcorn.

Eating tasty and healthy food in the modern world is not a cheap pleasure. But even by refusing or minimizing the use of the products discussed above, you will significantly reduce the load on the body, which will have a beneficial effect on health in general!

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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