What women regret after 40

Time is the most valuable resource in human life. Often, looking back at his life path, a person begins to regret the deeds he has committed or not. For many women, the 40-year mark is psychologically critical. Indeed, upon reaching this figure, clear signs of aging often begin to appear.

With the loss of beauty and health, a woman begins to lose the attention of men and the opportunity to find new love, create her own family, and give birth to a child. What do women most of all regret when they jump this difficult line? A survey among almost 2 thousand women made it possible to find out.

Took too little time for herself

This is what women most often regret. By their very nature, women give more to others than they take themselves. They give love to their children and men, create the comfort of the house. Statistics show that women are much more likely than men to donate money to charity. At the same time, they often limit themselves in their needs, are engaged in an unloved business.

As a result, after overcoming the milestone of 40, women begin to think that they have spent their entire lives on other people, albeit very close ones. The situation is especially worsening; relations with loved ones are changing dramatically – children create their own families, the husband leaves for another, and the parents leave this world altogether. At such moments, a woman begins to think that she put so much effort into those not with her now in vain. Now you know what women regret after 40 years.

Has given birth to too few children

Until a woman turns 35 or at least 30 years old, she always thinks that she will still have time to give birth to children, but she can now live for herself. However, after 40 years, the understanding comes that now it is already difficult to give birth. At the same time, the maternal instinct does not disappear anywhere and often even increases.

Women who have managed to achieve success in their careers and a high financial position feel especially sad. Thoughts begin to come to mind that all their labors were in vain – what is the point of living in a spacious and comfortable apartment if there are no children in it? At the same time, problems with children are superimposed on the relationship with the husband. The man begins to accuse the woman of not giving birth to a child, and these quarrels often lead to divorce.

Ab0rt!on should be mentioned separately. Almost everyone who did it later regrets it. First, health problems begin to appear. Secondly, with the awakening of the maternal instinct, feelings for the unborn child arise. Thirdly, most people have become more religious over the years, begin to visit temples and confess more often. Awareness of ab0rtion as a sin makes a woman suffer for the rest of her life.

I didn’t see the light and didn’t travel much

Women love to travel much more than men. It is enough to go to any travel agency and assess the gender composition of clients. Moreover, the older a woman is, the more she likes old houses, paintings by great artists, and monuments on the streets of cities.

At the same time, it is easier to travel in younger years – a person has more strength, and there are no restrictions due to family. Therefore, women after 40, remembering their youth, are most surprised why they traveled so little, having such wide opportunities.

Often the cause of this regret is the friends who tell fascinating stories about where and when they have been and what they have seen. Hearing these stories, a woman begins to believe that her life was not so bright. It is best in such a situation to recall your other achievements (having children, a successful marriage, a successful career) – often traveling friends often lose out to “couch potatoes” in these indicators.

Spent free time at work, not family

Long gone are the days when a man was considered the main and only breadwinner in the family, and the wife was responsible for home comfort. In most families, both spouses work. However, many women overestimate their life experience after 40 years and understand that career is not the main thing. It is more important to pay attention to raising children and strengthening marriage.

Often, parents do not have a good relationship with their children, blaming the busy schedule for this. As a result, children’s worldview is formed by the street, school, friends, sometimes even TV or the Internet, which in the future creates a barrier of misunderstanding between different generations in the family.

She couldn’t strengthen her relationship with her husband

After many years of a successful marriage, the wife realizes that she does not understand her husband. They live in the same territory and raise their children, but they often do not have common interests. Often a woman makes up a “cultural program” for the weekend – excursions, museums, exhibitions, theater, and a man wants to sit at home and watch football.

Seeing such a situation, a woman begins to feel that her husband is a stranger to her, with whom she lives not out of love, but because “it is more convenient this way.” Many people blame themselves for not paying enough attention to their beloved in their younger years.

The misunderstanding of the spouses is especially disturbing after their children have grown up and started their own lives because, at this moment, the main reason for conversation disappears for their parents.

Ruined her health

After 40 years, a person’s health is no longer the same. Excess weight begins to appear, physical activity decreases, and fatigue at work increases. All those bad habits that at first do not seem to affect the body suddenly remind of themselves.

At the same time, it is no longer possible to correct the mistakes of youth. After 40 years, many people realize the finiteness of their life and therefore begin to value their health especially.

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