6 things to get rid of in a relationship

Despite the fact that many of these things seem to be the norm, psychologists draw attention to the fact that such moments can ruin your communication with your partner and lead to a breakup.

1. Struggle for leadership

According to experts, partners understand that they are one team and act based on common interests over common goods in mature relationships. Just remember that love is not a game or a team competition, where there must be a winner.

Therefore, do not seek to prove your superiority to your chosen one. Work together and become the best for each other, and not against your feelings or what you have at the moment.

2. Envy and setup

If you cannot be happy for your partner, if his plans do not inspire you, if you do not feel a sense of pride, but only envy his success, then what kind of harmonious union can we talk about? According to experts, this feeling has no place in mature relationships, and if you cannot support your chosen one and say how much he means to you, then think about whether you need this person so much or are you just out of despair with him?

Just try to answer yourself as honestly as possible and not torment yourself or your partner if you understand that your relationship is not so dear to you.

3. Indifference

It is clear that the longer you are together, the less passion and lust. These feelings are replaced by calmness, respect, acceptance and serenity. Suppose, instead; you feel completely indifferent to what is happening with your partner (and the relationship in general).

In that case, it makes sense to break up and try to find happiness with another person. Agree that if the chosen one has become alien to you, then you are unlikely to want to imagine a joint future with him. Most likely, you will be annoyed by his presence, and you will want to stop communicating with him and switch to someone else.

4. Insults and manipulations

Manipulation, abuse and insults are a direct path to separation and termination of communication. It happens, of course, that in a fit of anger or a showdown, you can say something to your partner, and he – respond in the same spirit and manner, but this does not mean that you can behave this way constantly and assert yourself at the expense of another person.

According to psychologists, by insulting a partner, you offend yourself because you chose this person in due time and agreed to build a relationship with him. It would help if you did not resort to ultimatums and manipulations in a relationship because this ultimately will not lead to anything good.

Aggression, pressure and blackmail will drive anyone to white heat and very quickly put an end to your story.

5. Greed

According to psychologists, we are not talking about finances at all (although without material support, the relationship in a couple will very quickly come to nought) and other components of a full-fledged life together.

For example, what kind of harmonious union can we talk about if you feel sorry for spending time, energy and emotions on your partner? If you are used to just taking without giving anything in return, then, according to experts, very soon your chosen one will get tired of this alignment, and he will prefer to find someone who can give something equivalent for his efforts, actions and deeds.

6. Rose-coloured glasses and idealization

Unfortunately, at the very beginning of a relationship, partners tend to idealize each other, set high expectations and be disappointed that these very expectations do not correspond to reality.

And instead of sitting down and discussing exactly why reality is not true and how to fix it, the couple decides to leave.

In mature relationships, things are different, experts say. Partners accept each other as a whole, with all the advantages and disadvantages, love, and support. Not for some individual qualities, but because they chose this particular person and accepted all his pros and cons. In this case, there is no room for disappointments and unjustified expectations.

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