7 ways to make sure you stick to your new habits

From learning a new morning routine to taking a daily walk, the points below will help you stick to your resolutions this time around. For a set of new resolutions, it doesn’t have to be January 1 or the beginning of the month. Learning something new is always possible, in our opinion.

So do you want to teach yourself to take vitamins every day (instead of forgetting them every day), do you want to eat two pieces of fruit every day (because it often falls short), or do you want to create more peace in your head by meditating? With the 7 points below, you will succeed in maintaining those habits.

Put it in your calendar

Your agenda is a more powerful weapon than you may think. Do you want to take a walk every day? Put that in your schedule, preferably with a notification at the time that suits you best to take that walk.

You are reminded of your goal every day until it is in your head, and you no longer need those notifications.

Write down your goals (and make them achievable)

“Drinking more water” is a good goal but challenging to achieve. How much water is that for you? If you usually drink 1 glass of water a day and drink 2 now, that’s more. But is it also enough for you? Probably not. So make your goals achievable. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, in this case.

Create a habit tracker

Another way to be reminded of your goals every day: make a habit tracker and hang it in plain sight. You can, of course, also put it in your bullet journal or use a habit tracker app as long as you are confronted daily with your goals (and you can tick them off).

Tell your friends

Friends and family can be of great support. If they know that you want to go for a walk every day, it may be suggested to take a long walk instead of a drink on the terrace. And do you want to exercise in the morning?

Then it’s great if that one friend comes along every morning. Together you will drag each other through it until it becomes a habit.

Don’t wait for motivation

Motivation is a glittery unicorn that magically appears and gives you the motivation to work towards your goals. You have to provide the motivation yourself by doing it over and over again.

Really, sometimes it’s a bit of a bite to eat, but has a walk or a workout ever made you more unhappy? I do not think so.

Schedule review moments

Nothing is more confronting than a conversation with yourself that shows that you have not worked on your goals. After all, you don’t want to disappoint yourself. Therefore, plan a time in your schedule when you view your progress.

This can be weekly, monthly, or, for example, every quarter. Where are you now, and what do you still need to do to achieve your goals in the near future? Think about the things you (don’t) do to grow.

Reward yourself

Did it work? Have you taken your vitamins daily for a week, drank 8 glasses of water, walked, or meditated? Then reward yourself! You should be very proud of yourself because this is the start of a new habit.

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