How to understand that a husband wants a divorce

How to understand in time that the marriage is in danger and try to improve relations? If such thoughts come to your mind, it means that the family already has problems.

Pay attention to the following signs: they signal that the husband is considering divorce.

How to know if your marriage is at stake and your husband wants to divorce

Your spouse began to avoid you

You are increasingly visiting and shopping alone, while your spouse is constantly visiting friends alone. You almost every day have dinner alone and hardly communicate with your partner.

But if your spouse is late for dinner and necessarily hugs you and asks you how your day went, then there is nothing to worry about.

You and your husband do not have an intimate life

And it lasts for months. Of course, it happens that the desire for intimacy is dulled due to fatigue or a quarrel. But if this has become not an exception, but a rule, then it’s time to sound the alarm.

Pay attention also to the fact whether there is emotional closeness in your life. How often do you hug and kiss? If this happens less and less, then it seems that thoughts of divorce haunt your spouse. But to find out for sure, it is better to ask him about it directly.

The partner doesn’t want to work on the relationship

You are trying to establish contact with your husband and get closer, and he is more and more away from you, not wanting to waste time talking. This suggests that your marriage is in jeopardy. That is why a man does not want to waste time to improve relations.

The spouse began to stay late at work

And if earlier it was a rarity, now it has become the norm. The husband now and then has important meetings, “hot” projects, and urgent meetings with business partners.

Sometimes, and indeed, a partner may have an emergency at work. But if it is too long and you suspect that you are being cheated to spend as little time

with you as possible, there are problems in the marriage.

He began to monitor how he looks closely

You may have noticed that your husband began to eat right and play sports for no apparent reason. And if you have repeatedly told him that you need to lose five kilograms, and he brushed off you, then such drastic changes should alert you.

Such behavior, especially if an update of the wardrobe accompanies it, speaks of another woman’s appearance in his life or that he likes someone very much.

You don’t understand where the money disappears

Before, you knew very well how much your husband earns and how much he usually spends. But now you do not understand where the money began to disappear. The partner tells you about sudden expenses that you cannot verify in any way.

Maybe he suddenly needed some costly spare part for a car, or he urgently needed an unscheduled technical inspection. This may be due to the appearance of a mistress in a man. She needs to buy flowers and take them to restaurants.

What to do?

If all of the above signs occur in his life, you should not be silent and pretend that nothing is happening. It is best to call your husband for a frank conversation and directly ask him about everything that bothers you.

If your intuition does not deceive you and your partner is thinking about divorce, ask him if he wants to save the marriage and is ready to work on it. And, of course, figure out what you wish for yourself. Maybe breaking up will only benefit both of you? In any case, you need to sit down at the negotiating table and make an informed decision

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