10 possible reasons why you don’t get expensive gifts from your partner

Have you ever wondered how it turns out that some girls are given fur coats, rings, trips and expensive season tickets, and you get cheap champagne and three flowers? It would seem that the matter is only in the consistency of the chosen one, but not only. Several factors will continue to cheat you even if you find rich.

10 reasons why you are not given expensive gifts

1. The wrong man is next to you

In addition to the fact that there are frankly poor men who do not know how or do not want to earn money, there is a whole stratum of poorly educated, spoiled, and confident in their irresistibility of the stronger s3x.

If they donate anything, such people then the poems of their composition, and then they also ask for money to publish the collection. If you fall in love with such men and with all your might pull them on yourself in anticipation of when they will go with their legs, it’s time to think.

The problem is not that you are unlucky again, but why you choose such. The reasons often lie in childhood. Perhaps your parents disliked or criticized you, and you had to deserve their love and attention.

Now you feel sorry for everyone around you except yourself. To deal with this, put the past in the past and start looking for worthy candidates. Stop crying how hard it was for you as a child. Instead, make the right decisions and build personal boundaries without letting anyone humiliate you.

2. You don’t know how to rejoice

If you were convinced from childhood that you have to pay for everything in this life, then there is a small, frightened girl inside you who does not believe in miracles. Having paid a high price several times for simple human pleasures, you are afraid to become attached to someone and openly show your feelings.

And therefore, having received a gift, behave warily. And instead of heartily rejoicing at the present, you start to think convulsively and what you owe a man now.

You are used to controlling everything, keep aloof and cold, and do not like the holidays. Perhaps your heart can be melted with a million scarlet roses, but who will undertake to try when he sees your wary gaze? Therefore, before you start receiving gifts, you need to heal from the trauma and understand that it is better to pay than live in constant stress if there is pay.

3. Your man lacks imagination

It happens he may, and would like to please you with something, but does not know-how and gives all sorts of nonsense. Take matters into your own hands. Hint that you’d like to get a membership to that cool spa featured in the magazine article. Or dreamily pronounce in the presence of a man, as you saw an amazing fur coat in a boutique and have long wanted just this one.

Don’t believe this works? Then ask your more successful girlfriend in terms of gifts; how does she get what she wants? Surely she more than once hinted to her boyfriend what she was dreaming of. Of course, not everything in a relationship needs to be solved “head-on,” but no one has cancelled the feminine trick. It is much more pleasant for men to pamper “little girls” rather than equal partners in bed.

4. You are like a person who has everything

Are you pretending to be a self-sufficient woman? Then don’t be surprised if a man doesn’t want to pamper you. You have everything, and you earned it? Nothing to surprise you? Well, then get a soft toy from the machine. If you continue to live with this person and at night roar with resentment, it means that you are not self-sufficient but simply proud and stupid. Hide behind a mask and don’t ask the question, “Why?” Once that changes, so will the man next to you.

Take off the mask and stop building yourself out of yourself who you are not. So, look, and rings in your life will appear along with handbags and beautiful underwear.

5. Your man does not consider you his woman

This means that he does not consider it necessary to give gifts. Perhaps you are together just for the sake of a pleasant pastime? Or you are simply overestimating your relationship.

Gifts are not just a sign of attention, but a consolidation of status, a symbol of how you relate to each other. If you do not understand your role in this man’s life, you can ask him directly and not waste your time anymore.

6. He man doesn’t appreciate you

This is a logical continuation of the previous point. You did not initially set yourself up so that the man next to you would consider you a real gift of fate.

Perhaps this is a consequence of psychological reasons, or you do not know how to present yourself correctly. In any case, now the man treats you for granted, which means that he does not see the point in giving generously.

7. You are too grateful and unpretentious

Do you ever ask to take you to a restaurant or give you flowers? Do you need to cook food at home, buy clothes at sales, and spend sparingly? Perhaps in this way, you want to show your man your rationality and hint that it would be nice for him to help you financially.

But in his understanding, you are an economical (and therefore, cheap) woman who will be pleased with any little thing.

He will come home with a package of necessary groceries and washing powder, but he will never buy you a beautiful dress. And not because he cannot afford it, but because he doubts that you will ever wear it at all.

Are you playing too much into poverty? You will not have time to notice how you will turn into a victim of a shy woman and begin to live below the poverty line.

8. You are afraid of male power and strength

Expensive gifts and surprises mean that you have a strong, independent man next to you. If you are not used to sacrificing your comfort and disrupting your usual lifestyle to be near him, then do not be surprised if he does not want to take the initiative and take action.

No man will buy plane tickets and surprise you if he is not sure that you will immediately give the cat to your neighbour and happily run to collect your bags.

Who, instead, would like to hear that he has not consulted with you and in general has disposed of your time and life like this? Do you like to control everything? Then be content with mediocre gifts.

9. Next to you is a male teacher

He came into your life with a specific purpose – to teach you to treat yourself and your relationships differently. At the same time, the teacher is not the first acquaintance he meets who likes to give orders.

You can never give a detailed assessment of the actions of a karmic teacher. Any situation with him can develop in a different scenario, in contrast to your behaviour.

With such a man, it is difficult, and sometimes it is simply impossible to part. Gifts from him are not a classic sign of attention but a payment for something.

Women want to get something from a male teacher. From a night spent together to a trip for two and rings on your finger. Because this is the only way, they can reset their karma and learn something.

10. You have limited rights to money, love, and luck

You are sure that men not only do not want but also cannot give you gifts. You do not even admit the thought that it could be different, blocking gifts on a subconscious level. Perhaps the reason lies in the history of your family, in what mark your ancestors left.

If you occupy a high social position but have never received anything more expensive than a box of chocolates as a gift and did not enter rich houses, then you have lost your rights to money and good luck. You need to restore them, and until then, no man can solve your problems.

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