Lose 5 kg in a month? It’s very simple with these tips

Many people who want to lose weight formulate a goal when they start exercising. “I want to lose so many kilos within this time frame.” This often involves losing 5 kilos within a month. We give you tips on how to achieve this.

It often seems more complicated than it is, but you can still lose weight quite quickly. It’s not easy, especially if you don’t know what to look for. With the help of these tips, you can lose no less than 5 kilos in a month.

Losing weight can be easier than you think

It’s really not high math, but you do need to know what needs to be done. Read here facts and tips to achieve your goal.

Reduce your nutritional intake

It’s important to start eating less. Every person has a recommended daily amount of calories. This is around 2,500 kcal for the average man and a woman 2,000 kcal per day. If you take in less kcal than the recommended amount, it will help you lose weight.

Exercise for an hour six days a week

Lose 5 kilos in a month without exercise? That won’t work, of course. In addition to reducing your nutritional intake, you must burn the remaining calories during exerc ise


On average, you consume 10 to 15 kcal per minute during exercise. If you would do this for an hour 6 times a week, you would quickly reach the amount of kcal you want to burn monthly.

If you are going to train, use circuit training. You burn up to 10 times more than with normal cardio training through a circuit.

The intensity is high, and so is your heart rate. Even after the training, you continue to burn because your body has to recover; this keeps your metabolism high.

Have healthy snacks within reach

We know it’s very easy to open a bag of chips in between or late at night. But when we start on this, we all secretly know that it will go on in one go. Still, it is wiser to have some healthy snacks between the three main meals.

This means that it contains very few calories. It is best to take a piece of fruit or vegetable to satisfy the hunger.

Drink lots of water

One of the best tips is to drink plenty of water. If you have to cut back on your food, we recommend that you drink a large glass of water before every meal.

This gives you a fuller feeling, which means you have a lot less appetite while eating. Rather take a nice glass of water instead of soda, it also saves on the calorie counter.

Get enough sleep

Finally, our last tip: get enough sleep. Most people like to lie in bed anyway, so take advantage of that. About 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day should be enough. This will help you start the next day a lot fitter.

In addition, you do not give your body the time to develop a feeling of hunger again. If you go to sleep on time, you will not suffer from this unnecessary feeling of hunger to eat something.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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