How to lose a man forever: 10 bad tips

Today we will tell you about ten ways to lose a young man. You can just read these harmful tips but not follow them. It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others.

What to do to make a man leave forever: 10 bad tips

Many girls do just that, and then they are sincerely surprised that the man has disappeared somewhere!

Replace his mother

Treat the chosen one as if he is your son. Check if he forgot an umbrella at home in rainy weather or wearing a hat and a warm sweater. Demand to stop communicating with a friend who can teach a loved one bad things.

And be sure to call him ten times an hour to see how you are doing. Try to keep your intonation the same as that of a mother interested in the child’s grades.

Make the man do something

As you know, there is no such word as “I don’t want!”. Remind the man of this more often! If you need to go shopping at the supermarket on the weekend and then go to the country house to water the tomatoes, your partner cannot have more important things to do. Do not listen to his excuses and make a stern face if he says that he needs to be elsewhere.

Get offended for any reason

Take offence at a man for any little thing and the smallest crime. It doesn’t matter what the fault is: he forgot to give you his hand in public transport, was ten minutes late, or forgot to put his socks in a basket of dirty laundry. Frown immediately and stop talking to him.

And don’t forget to complain about life all the time. Have you recovered one hundred grams? Whine. Are your tights torn? Start a tantrum!

Demand what you want from a man

If a man refuses to please you, then why do you need him? Demand from him expensive gifts call a hundred times a day and an endless stream of compliments. Let him prove his love every minute.

Prohibit everything you can

If your partner is going to meet with friends, immediately forbid him! Scandal, cry and throw tantrums. What if not only comrades are waiting for him, but another woman? Or the partner will get drunk with friends to an insane state, and you are categorically against alcohol. After all, you are not going to waste your life on some loser who drinks alcohol.

Criticize him

Do you want to get rid of the man as soon as possible? Criticize him as often as possible. Tell him that he is not good for anything, and his arms grow straight from the butt! If you got a housekeeping guy, then don’t be discouraged.

You will certainly come up with something else to find fault with. If a man does something well, frown, roll your eyes and exclaim theatrically that no one does this.

Ask questions

Ask if you are beautiful, if he loves you, and why. Ask questions as often as possible. The man, of course, will start to get nervous, but this is exactly what you need!

Be jealous

And remember that jealousy should not be based on any reason. If you are jealous, for example, of his ex-wife or girlfriend, then the man may understand you and will not go anywhere. But you want the opposite effect! Therefore, be jealous of him even for the air or some fictional mistress.

Behave like a real detective, checking the correspondence on his phone and the list of calls. Do not forget to call as often as possible, asking where he is at the moment.

Ask for a report on each step, and finally sniff his clothes thoroughly.

Take away from him everything dear to him

Why one wonders, does your man need a new console or nice trousers? All this is nonsense. Don’t let him buy new things; get yourself nice shoes.

If his fishing tackle is on the balcony, they can be thrown away. Only the place is in vain! Make room for your feminine things, and if the man starts to resent, point him to the door.

Don’t forget about blackmail!

And this method is the most important and most effective among all of the above. Remember that almost any man can be controlled through s3x! Encourage a man with closeness if he does what you want, and refuse him if he is guilty. By the way, if you’re going to get some costly gift, and a man is greedy, then start denying him s3x now.

Denial of intimacy can also force a man to learn to cook, wash, and mop. When a man becomes obedient and submissive, you can reward him for his efforts. But not very often!

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