Lost your job? 5 tips to deal with it

Getting fired can destroy your self-image. In some people, it can even lead to long-term depression. However, it can also have positive consequences! These 5 tips will help you turn the negative spiral into a success story.

A minute of silence? Make it a few days!

Losing your job is a very traumatic event in your life. Who knows, you may never see your colleagues with whom you shared joys and sorrows for years. The same goes for the friendly ladies from the sandwich bar around the corner from the office.

There is indeed a grieving process after dismissal for various reasons. With very rapid, adverse changes in our lives, grieving is a natural process taken seriously.

“You may feel scared, you’re hurt, you feel rejected, or you’re angry. You may panic or even feel guilty. What matters is that you know that all of these feelings are normal. There is nothing wrong with you”.

“Losing your job hurts deeply. It is important to take good care of this wound because you will never get rid of a scar!”

Don’t be too strict

It is therefore normal that you experience various negative feelings. “It is therefore important to accept these and not to be too hard on yourself. There’s no point in spending hours worrying about how things got this far.

“If only I had done that then,” “Wasn’t I kind enough then?”, … . Thinking too long about how you could have prevented the dismissal costs energy. Please don’t put that energy into things that can no longer change, but use it to move forward.

Sharing is caring

That rollercoaster of emotions is not strange at all, but rollercoasters are always more fun with friends. Therefore, share all your positive and negative emotions with others.

Career guidance experts can certainly help you. But experts in your personality, your closest friends, and close family are even more important in the healing process. Their listening ear is invaluable.

Self-pity is bad for finding a new job

If you dwell on bad thoughts for too long, you risk ending up in a negative spiral. A healthy dose of self-confidence is one of the best weapons to face the job market.

By the way, your intimates will certainly be happy to listen to your story, but don’t forget that they also have a life of their own that undoubtedly does not always go smoothly. So it is important to accept the new reality without admitting self-pity.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

As difficult as it may seem, try to see opportunities in this difficult situation. After a forest fire, the soil is also super fertile. Maybe the career switch you’ve always dreamed of is finally here?

Try to see the positive and think carefully about your future. With a lot of different life experiences and wheelbarrows full of enthusiasm, you are ready for the real job of your life!

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