6 things not to do when you just woke up

Every night before going to sleep, you promise yourself again: tomorrow, I will get up early and have a productive day. You set the alarm clock at 07:00 because you have decided to go running/fitness/study/work in good spirits.

The next morning waking up is still heavier than 300 kg of squats; you keep snoozing endlessly, and when you finally get out of bed, you feel bad about yourself.

Sounds pretty familiar, right? The reason why you can’t get out of bed in the morning and start your day productively may be due to your morning ritual. The following things you should NOT do when you have just woken up:


It’s so tempting, that snooze. Five more minutes. But those five extra minutes won’t make you feel fitter. On the contrary, because you snooze, you go back into a deep sleep.

You cannot complete this sleep cycle thoroughly, so you wake up completely drama. Check how much sleep you need and go to bed earlier if necessary.

Stay curled up

Okay, you’ve resisted the temptation to snooze, and you’re awake. Now make sure that you make yourself as big/long as possible or stretch.

When you stretch in the morning (which starts while you’re still in bed), you build confidence for the entire day. So don’t lie endlessly in that fetal position, no matter how nice this is.

Don’t make your bed

Oh well, tonight I’m crawling back into it anyway, so why should I clean up that nest now? True. However, it would help if you made your bed right away in the morning. Especially if you work/study at the desk in your bedroom.

Because your bed is neatly made, your room is more organized, which leads to more peace of mind. This allows you to focus on the tasks you have planned better. Make it a habit.

Check your email

You probably (just like everyone else) sleep with your phone next to you, or at least within reach. It is therefore easy to start the morning by checking your phone. When you’ve had Facebook and Instagram, you most likely start checking your mail. Do not.

There will always be (unpleasant) surprises that you can’t do anything about at that moment. After all, you’re not at work yet. Because you immediately check your email, you will never start the day relaxed.

Getting ready in the dark

To ease the pain of getting up early, leave the lights off, and the curtains closed. This seems more comfortable, but you will have to turn on those lights and open the curtains if you want to start your day productively.

Our bodies are designed to respond to light. When it stays dark, the body will stay in “sleep mode” longer and wake-up time will take longer.

Drinking coffee

Yes, you read that right. Stop drinking coffee in the morning. Now we hear you say: but I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee. Your body produces the largest amount of cortisol (stress hormone) between 08:00 and 09:00 in the morning.

This stress hormone provides you with energy. That is why it is best to start drinking coffee after this (09:30). When you start drinking coffee for this, your body will produce less cortisol in the morning. So you create your problem.

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